2019 TT Grand Finale – Fleetwood MYPBC

2019 DF Racing UK TT Grand Finale – Fleetwood MYPBC – 19th & 20th October


“Look at our fantastic pond, come and get involved” – Derek Priestley

So here it is folks, another end of season weekend of racing and social. This year Fleetwood are holding the event so come rain or shine we’ll have a cosy clubhouse with plenty of tea, cake and snacks and somewhere to keep us out of the elements.

Many of you will have visited the prestigious Fleetwood club on one or more occasions, you guys will already know wheat a fantastic facility it is, coupled with the great race team, this weekend headed by “Uncle” Derek Priestley, we are assured of a warm welcome, great sailing and maybe even an amusing quiz on the Saturday evening after racing.

There is plenty of accommodation in the locality which is easily found using a Google search. Socials are usually centred around The Mount pub which is a mere 200 yards from the club and serves rather good food and beer at great prices, however if you want cheese and biscuits you’ll need to bring your own…….

Please find the links to the MYA online entry below and as usual we are DF65 on Saturday and DF95 on Sunday. As we get entry lists we’ll post them up here.

Weekend NoR

DF65 Entry

DF95 Entry

Fleetwood Club website

Entry lists for both events to 8/10 are below.

DF 65 TT Entries

502         Alan Hounsell                    East Kent RSC

48           Malcolm Price                    Alton RCSC

51           John Tushingham             Keighley

601         Walter Audley                   Fleetwood

42           Wayne Stobbs                   Gosport

800         Steve Mattison                 Fleetwood

100         Liz Tushingham                 Keighley

67           Shaun Priestley                 Fleetwood

84           John Brierley                      Birkenhead

314         James Hadden                   RYA

183         Chris Chatfield                   Fleetwood

21           Clive Porter                        West Lancs

69           Jen Hand                              Lincoln

98           David Bradley                    Abersoch

63           Peter Baldwin                    Birkenhead

155         Jim La Roche                      Coalhouse Fort

68           Garry Benson                    Fleetwood

83           Ken Binks                             Eastbourne

712         Gary Box                              Manor Park

46           Mick Chamberlain            Lincoln

795        Brian Holland                     Abersoch

344         John Sharman                    Keighley

334         Susan Sharman                 Fleetwood

12           Buzz Coleman                    Coalhouse Fort

30           Dave Burke                         Lincoln

22           Mike Adams                       Eastbourne

883         Mike Benson                      Fleetwood

165        David Nickerson               Birmingham MYC

55           Nigel Brown                       Gosport

19           Barry Rolfe                          Birmingham MYC

65           John Blackburn                  Keighley

835         Robert Andrews               Gresford

697         Mike Parkington               Fleetwood

696         Sue Parkington                  Fleetwood

805         Eric Austwick                     Fleetwood

170         John Plant                           Fleetwood

102         Darren McCaul                  Fleetwood



DF 95 TT Entries

172         Peter Baldwin                    Birkenhead

540         Eric Austwick                     Fleetwood

380         Alan Hounsell                    East Kent RSC

(1)82      Malcolm Price                    Alton RCSC

42           Wayne Stobbs                   Gosport

361         David Winder                     Keighley

51           John Tushingham             Keighley

96           Shaun Priestley                 Fleetwood

100         Liz Tushingham                 Keighley

88           James Hadden                   RYA

84           John Brierley                      Birkenhead

60           Gordon Rae                        Greenock

183         Chris Chatfield                   Fleetwood

71           Ian Davidson                      Greenock

69           Jen Hand                              Lincoln

147         Eric Reid                               Fleetwood

55           Jim La Roche                      Coalhouse Fort

79           Clive Porter                        West Lancs

83           Ken Binks                             Eastbourne

433         Walter Audley                   Fleetwood

519         Barry Rolfe                          Birmingham MYC

098         Peter Iles                             Fleetwood

26           Garry Box                            Manor Park

46           Mick Chamberlain            Lincoln

95           Brian Holland                     Abersoch

61           John Sharman                    Keighley

36           Susan Sharman                 Fleetwood

12           Buzz Coleman                    Coalhouse Fort

30           Dave Burke                         Lincoln

35           Gordon Bayliff                   Fleetwood

22           Mike Adams                       Eastbourne

20           Garry Benson                    Fleetwood

155         Nigel Brown                       Gosport

365         David Nickerson               Birmingham MYC

883         Mike Benson                      Fleetwood

102        Chris More                          Askern RSC

103         Lisa More                            Askern RSC

(1)30      John Blackburn                  Keighley

379         Robert Andrews               Gresford

82           Mike Parkington               Fleetwood

86           Sue Parkington                  Fleetwood