AGM 2017

AGM results posted at the bottom of this page.

As part of our ongoing commitment to running the DF Racing classes correctly and to allow the DF Racing Constitution to be adopted and for you guys to elect the DF Racing Class Officers  we need to cement a few items in place.

To do this we will be holding an online AGM which will happen on the 17th February and there are a few things that need to happen before that date which are explained below.

The timetable is pretty simple, as a UK registered DF65 or DF95 owner you should receive an email today, 20th December 2016 which informs you that the AGM will happen on the 17th February 2017.

The two current topics for the AGM are the election of Officers and the adoption of the proposed Constitution.

If there are additional topics that you feel should be covered in the AGM then please submit them to us via the online contact form below by 17:00 on 19 January 2016.

On the 4th February you will get another email with the Agenda including the two Association proposals re the Constitution and the Officer elections, as well as any other topics to be covered. There will also be a link to a simple voting form which you will need to complete.

12th February is the deadline for the voting, all votes should be in by this date.

17th February, the voting decision is published and the AGM is completed.

This AGM is going to be restricted to voting on the two proposals which will hopefully allow a swift conclusion to proceedings. If you have any other comments that need to be heard at any time please use the DF Racing forum.

On a final note about this please use your vote. As a small Association it would be really great to have as many individual members showing their support for what we are doing, I promise that the vote will only take 5 minutes of your time and that includes making the essential cup of tea to stimulate the grey matter.

AGM Concludes with positive results!

So with voting completed last week we have had time to collate the information and we can now publish the results of the first DFRUKNCA AGM. Thanks to all those who took the time to vote, as you can see there were a good number that didn’t use their votes which is a shame.

Following the voting on various matters for the 2017 AGM of the association we are pleased to announce the following results.

800 Members for whom the association holds an email address were asked to vote and of these 483 members opened the email and 143 cast their votes.

The matters considered and the results are as follows.

  1. Do the Members adopt the proposed constitution

Yes       –           142
No        –           0
Abstain –           1

Proposal carried by 99% majority

  1. Do the Members approve the appointment of Keith Coxon as Chairman of the Association

Yes       –           138
No        –           1
Abstain –           4

Proposal carried by 97% majority

  1. Do the Members approve the appointment of John Tushingham as UK Racing Officer

Yes       –           140
No        –           0
Abstain –           3

Proposal carried by 98% majority

  1. Do the Members approve the appointment of Wayne Stobbs as Membership Secretary

Yes       –           141
No        –           0
Abstain –           2

Proposal carried by 99% majority

  1. Do the Members approve the appointment of Tim Long as UK Promotion and Web Officer

Yes       –           140
No        –           1
Abstain –           2

Proposal carried by 98% majority

There were some points raised by individual members, the relevant ones of which which we note and address below 

I would like to see the rules regarding the DF95 winch servos relaxed as I believe the quality is not that good and feel it is overpriced and that there are better alternatives out there.
The class rules are set by an independent, international rules committee.  However, having discussed the issue with the Rules Committee we can confirm that there are no plans to relax the ruling on this matter.  It has always been a fundamental that the winch in both classes should be standard. Efforts are being made by Joysway to improve the resolution of the winch which would solve the reliability issue. Issuing an alternative winch spec would necessitate event measurement to ensure compliance, some thing which the rules have always striven to avoid.
I would like to have published length of appointment for each officer
The Committee can confirm that a change of the constitution will be proposed at the next AGM to set the term for Officer appointments to be 1 year.
Some formatting points of the Constitution
These will be made to a future version of the constitution as they are not serious enough to warrant an immediate change.
The newly appointed Officers would like to thank all those that voted and commented on the matters and look forward to serving you, the Members, for the next year.

There is already fantastic momentum in the classes and the race calendar that has been created for this year should serve to further increase this momentum.  We are looking forward to seeing you all on the water this year.

Yours Sincerely

DFRUKNCA Committee