Not The DF95 Nationals 2020 – Fleetwood MYPBC

Uncle Derek reckons it’ll be “Champagne Sailing” at Not the DF95 Nationals.

Not the DF 95 Nationals Open 2020 FLEETWOOD MY&PBC

25/27th September 2020

Dear DF95 skipper,

As I’m sure that you will have heard by now, this year’s DF95 National Championship has been cancelled & moved to the equivalent date next year.

BUT, don’t worry about getting your fix of DF racing over that weekend as we at Fleetwood are holding “Not the DF95 Nationals” over that weekend (25/27 September 2020) so that you’re not disappointed, particularly if you’ve paid for accommodation that you can’t cancel!

We’re offering the following,

Friday 25th from 2pm to 6pm    boat tuning, tweaking & race training from our class experts!

Sat 26th from 10am to 5pm racing.  Followed by socially distanced prizegiving outside the clubhouse.

Sun 27th from 09.30am to 3.30pm  racing.  Followed by socially distanced prizegiving outside the clubhouse.

In the event that we have to limit numbers,  entries are accepted on a “    first come, first in, basis”. At the present time UK Government Regulations and MYA Guidance would set a limit of 28 boats.  Fleet sizes & number of races will be scheduled according to the size of the entry & to take account of the prevailing Covid 19 rules applying at the time.

You may enter for all the event or just 1 day as you wish. Entry fee will be £5 per racing day payable to the Fleetwood MYPBC Club bank account, details of which are on the Entry Form. Please use your name and boat type as Payment Reference. There is no charge for the training on Fri afternoon.

“The Mount” has re-opened so we can enjoy the usual efficient service in the evenings!

We at Fleetwood are sorry that the DF95 Nationals had to be cancelled, but we hope that this will, at least, provide a reasonable alternative.

Please be aware that whilst the Fleetwood club make all provisions   (social distancing in clubhouse , hand sanitizer, disinfecting of communal areas etc)    and will do everything to comply with the Covid 19 regulations in force at the time,  you must also take responsibility for your own safety.

All that said, we hope that you will join us & enjoy a relaxed weekends racing.

Looking forward to seeing you

Derek Priestley  R.O.

Please complete and submit the entry form below and then follow the payment instructions below.



Entry fee £5.00 per race payable by bank transfer to Fleetwood Model Yacht Club

Sort code 40.12.13    Account no  82200562   No fee for Friday.  

or by cheque drawn on a UK bank to:

Mr R Jolly 2 Littlewood, Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 7EN

Entry List 28/8/2020


1/            14           BOB CONNER                       WOODSPRING

2/            35           GORDON BAYLIFF                FLEETWOOD

3/            214         JOHN TAYLOR                       FLEETWOOD

4/            30           DAVE BURKE                         BIRKENHEAD

5/            42           WAYNE STOBBS                    GOSPORT

6/            180         TJAKKO KEIZER                      DF NETHERLANDS

7/            83           KEN BINKS                             EASTBOURNE

8/            172         PETER BALDWIN                  BIRKENHEAD

9/            199         TIM LONG                              ABERSOCH

10/          50           STEWART CAMPBELL          KINGHORN RSC

11/          97           LEEN BUURMAN                   GOSPORT

12/          540         ERIC AUSTWICK                    FLEETWOOD

13/          433         WALTER AUDLEY                  FLEETWOOD

14/          88           OLLY MURRAY                      FLEETWOOD

15/          958         MALCOLM CLEMENT           FLEETWOOD

16/          00           JOHN CLEAVE                        RYDE MYC

17/          46           MICK CHAMBERLAIN           LINCOLN

18/          678         PETE WALTERS                     LINCOLN

19/          04           ALAN WATKINSON               BIRKENHEAD

20/          11           DAVID HOPE                         CHELMSFORD

21/          96           SHAUN PRIESTLEY                FLEETWOOD

22/          67           NICK MARTIN                        WOODSPRING

23/          51           JOHN TUSHINGHAM            KEIGHLEY

24/          519         BARRY ROLFE                        BIRMINGHAM       Sat Only

25/          61           JOHN SHARMAN                  KEIGHLEY

26/          183         MARTIN GRAY                      JACKSONVILLE

27/          26           GARRY BOX                           MANOR PARK

28/          883         MICHAEL BENSON                FLEETWOOD