Travellers Series 2019 – Round 11 & 12 – Dartmoor RSC

DF Racing TT Series Rounds 11 & 12, Dartmoor RSC 10th & 11th August 2019

2019 sees a return to the lunar landscape that is Dartmoor RSC. An amazing location high on top of the moors overlooking the historic city of Plymouth.

Dartmoor photo

Dartmoor RSC – A place like no other!

Based on a pair of clay settling ponds the club is manned by enthusiastic volunteers who have made it their mission to get the best out of the location and all that it offers.

We last visited Dartmoor in 2017 just after the A plus rig had become available, and we needed it too! After a practice day of heavy breeze we saw the DF65 event take place in very little breeze. The Sunday saw the DF95’s at their best at the top end of A rig and storming around the course.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a long journey wherever you’re from but it is certainly one worth making. Accommodation is available to suit all budgets with the majority of us opting for the Premier Inn just off the A38 which has all the Premier Inn amenities you’d expect along with a Sainsburys next door.

Entry for both days is via the MYA online entry system which also has the NoR’s available for both DF65 and DF95. With the MYA site having all the details there is little point in me adding them here so please follow the links below and we’ll hopefully see you there.

Dartmoor RSC DF65 TT.

Dartmoor RSC DF95 TT