Travellers Series 2018 – Round 8 & 9 – Two Islands RYC – June 9th & 10th

 So after the DF65 Nationals at Gosport we roll into Milton Keynes and the great Two Islands RYC who are pleased to be hosting rounds 8 and 9 of the DF Racing UK 2018 TT series.

We’ve posted the Notice of Race below which gives you all the details about the event, from how to get involved to where we’ll be de-briefing after the sailing.

Entry details are listed below, if you possibly can please use the MYA online entry system, it makes the organiser’s lives much easier..

DF Racing UK TT Event 9th and 10th June 2018 NOR

At Two Islands Radio Yacht Club, Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes


Friday 8th June

14:00 to 17:00         Registration and Practice

Evening                   Hungry Horse Pub, Premier Inn Hotel

Saturday 9th June DF65

08:00 to 09:30         Registration

09:45                       Briefing

10:00                       Warning Signal

TBA                         Lunch (provide your own)

No race will start after 17:00.  Any heat in progress after 17:30 will be abandoned

Prize giving shortly after the finish of racing.

Evening                   Hungry Horse Pub, Premier Inn Hotel

Sunday 10th June DF95

08:00 to 09:00         Registration

09:30                       Briefing

09:45                       Warning Signal

TBA                         Lunch (provide your own)

No race will start after 16:00.  Any race will be abandoned if the first boat in ‘A’ heat has not finished by 16.30.

Prize giving shortly after the finish of racing.

     2.VENUE – Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes – Shirwell Crescent, MK4 1GA

Note: The event will take place on the side of the lake nearest the Premier Inn hotel.  This is opposite the normal Two Islands sailing water.  It is anticipated that most visitors will stay at the Premier Inn Hotel, book via the Premier Inn website.

  1. Organising Authority

The organising authority for the event is the DF Racing UK Association and the Two Islands RYC

  1. Rules

The event will be governed by the current version of the following rules:

  • Racing Rules of Sailing as changed by the RRS Appendix E
  • The RYA Racing Charter
  • MYA Standard Sailing Instructions
  • RF Racing Association Class Rules
  • Heat Management System (HMS)
  1. Registration

Emergency contact details – MUST be presented before sailing

For foreign competitors, proof of membership of their Delegated National Member

  1. scoring and Racing System

Scoring and Racing System shall be as per Section 4.


A protest committee will be appointed by the Race Committee to hear any protests arising from the event and may comprise competitors not involved in the incident.


Entry is open to all affiliated members of MYA Clubs and is also open to members of foreign clubs affiliated to a Delegated National Member of IRSA.

The number of entries shall be limited by the provisions of the Heat Management System (HMS).

Entries shall be made as follows

  • Online, using the on line entry system via the MYA website (preferred)
  • DF65 MYA entry – Click here
  • DF95 MYA entry  – Click here
  • By e-mail giving details of sail number and emergency contact

The contact for Entries is:   Keith Coxon


Telephone Number:            01767 314022


The entry fee of £5.00 per day shall be payable at registration


Competitors that require any form of help or special requirements should, prior to entry, get in touch with the club contact given in Section 8 to check if the club is able to help with the provision of any such special requirements. The onus is on the competitor to establish whether the available facilities are adequate before deciding to enter the event.


All those entering or taking part in this event do so at their own risk and responsibility.

The organising authority, the host club and any other parties involved in the organisation of this event disclaim any and every responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, injury or inconvenience that might occur to persons and goods both ashore or on the water as a consequence of entering or participating in the event covered by this Notice of Race.

At all times the responsibility for the safety of their boat and themselves plus the decision to participate or continue must rest with the competitor.