This is the website for the DF65 and DF95 National Class Association. There are now nearly 1000 DF65’s registered in the UK and the DF95 has just been launched and with this DF “Family” of boats we decided that it would be sensible to run the two classes from one website.

The DF65 has been around for nearly three years now and has gathered quite a following with the yacht being responsible for introducing a good number of new faces into the world of radio sailing. Many of the new fleets have been established at full size sailing clubs who have seen that this yacht is a great way to get some extra sailing and racing into their calendars.

With the very recent addition of the DF95 we are sure that we will see yet another new influx of excited racers wanting to take advantage of the Restricted One Design Concept which means that each and every boat is the same and allows racing on an equal footing.

The UK Class Association will continue to look after the interests of the DF65 on the UK stage and will organise racing for the class around the UK. The NCA will also look after the interests of the new DF95 class here in the UK, look after the register, organise racing and promote the new class to a wider audience.

There is a lot of information on the website for both the DF65 and the DF95, please take the time to look around the website and enjoy!

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