DF65 Rules Documents, Drawings & Templates

This page is currently being engineered and will become populated with documents as we have them. They are being back engineered to follow the same format as the DF95 pages – Please bear with us.

Here you will find all the relevant documents, drawings and templates that you need to make your own sails, logo them up and number them. Each document opens as a PDF.

A+ Rig Templates

A+ Rig Main & Jib Templates – DF65 V6 A+ Mainsail Jib Dimensions

A Rig Templates

A Rig foot templates –

A Rig Jib template –

A Rig Mainsail template –

B Rig Templates

B Rig foot templates –

B Rig Jib template –

B Rig Mainsail template –

C Rig Templates

C Rig foot templates –

C Rig Jib template –

C Rig Mainsail template –

Class Logo Template

DF65 Class logo template – DF65 Sail Logo 60mm

DF65 Sail Numbering Template

The sail numbering for the DF65 class follows the regulations set out by the RG65 Class with the variation of being able to display three numbers or two, entirely your choice!

DF65 sail numbering details – Click here  and head for Appendix 4 for the sail numbering.