With the inclusion of the DF95 into the DF65 UKCA we now have an all encompassing DF Racing Class Association which takes us out of the remit of the RG65 forum which we were included in. Whilst the DF65 section of the RG65 forum is still available we thought it prudent to begin a new discussion forum solely for the use of DF yacht owners. There is some class information on there and we would love for you guys to get involved and use the forum as a sounding board for your thoughts.

Click here to take a look at the new DF Racing forum.

The UK RG65 forum as hosted by Model Graphics is very good and has many useful comments and much useful info.

There is no need for us to re invent the wheel here and the link below will take you straight to the Dragonforce 65 section of the forum.

Click here to take a look.