Lots of Sailing still to do.

So we are pretty much out of August now and into the beginning of those halcyon Autumn days where the wind blows old boots and the C and D rigs are dug out.

There are a couple of upcoming events that are worthy of note. The first and most obvious of the events is the upcoming DF65 Nationals to be held at Eastbourne towards the end of September. We have already posted plenty of details about the event but here are a few more bits of housekeeping from the Eastbourne Race Team.

“Would you be kind enough to put out a reminder to competitors to ensure they have complied with the entry fee requirement by 8th September 2017 – closing date for entry.

Entry is only confirmed by receipt of the appropriate fee. There are a large number who have not yet paid.

An allowance is place in the NOR for foreign competitors, who can supply an email copy of their travel bookings and pay in cash on arrival. This is to help them if making international transfers is difficult or expensive in their country of origin.

All UK based skippers are required to have paid their entry fee in advance by cheque or bank transfer. Relevant payment instructions are contained in the NOR.

Updating the list of entrants on the EDMYC website is a manual operation, however, when an entry is received via the online entry form an acknowledgement email is generated. There may be a delay before a new entrants name is shown on the entry list”

So there we are folks, to make it simple, please make sure you’ve paid your entry fee before the 8th September.

So in preparation for the event there are a couple of warmup events to get involved with. Both events are up North I’m afraid, but I’m sure those of you down South could sort something out and let us know and we’ll post it up here.

The first event is a one day DF65 pop up at Keighley, scheduled for Sunday 10th September. Pit your skills against Mr Tushingham for a jolly good training session.  Briefing at 10ish and racing til 1530ish. You’ll need your own sarnies for lunch but tea and coffee will be available.

The second event is a DF65 and DF95 double header at Fleetwood on the 16th and 17th September. Saturday sees the DF65 fleet on the water and Sunday sees the DF95’s having a play. As usual there will be good size fleets of both boats in attendance. We are currently awaiting final details of the event and when we have them we’ll post them.

So there we have it, some racing to do before there’s more racing to do.

Don’t forget to complete your entry to the Nationals by making payment and if you haven’t yet entered then you’ve got just over a week to get an entry in to the guys at Eastbourne.


Updated TT Score Sheet

Many thanks to Peter & Judith Baldwin once again for getting the updated TT score sheet to us in quick order, gold star guys. Not such good form from myself who has taken an age to get them posted up on the results page….must try harder.

Anyhow, check out the Results page where you’ll find the up to date TT scores to Round 13. Unlike the previous results we have posted it seems that the score table is now too massive to put up as a Jpeg, so we’ve added a link to a PDF version of the score sheet….much easier to read I’m sure you’ll agree!