DF65 Nationals Result

Morning Folks, so we’ve not had anything official, however we’ve found the results on Facebook for the 2022 DF65 Nationals here in the UK. Congrats once again to Mr Tushingham who takes the title once again. Well done everyone else and also to the Eastbourne club who put on another great event.

Special General Meeting

Formal Notification

Notice of a DF Racing UK Association Special General Meeting 2022

A Special General Meeting of the Association is being called by the Executive Committee. It will take place to the following timetable completing on 3rd October 2022.

Only Members of the Association may vote.

By 19th August 2022 – the date and timetable of the Special General Meeting will be published on the Class Association website.

By 19th September 2022 – the Agenda, documents for review and voting forms will be published on the Class Association website, together with instructions on how to cast your vote.

Voting will close at 17.00 hrs. 3rd October 2022 and the Special General Meeting will be closed.

For and on behalf of the 2022 DF Racing UK Class Association Committee

Upcomoing DF Events

DF95’s @ Fleetwood – Photo Sue Brown

So, I think we are all over the DF95 Nationals from a few weeks back and we are ready for another event or two. First up we have the DF65 Nationals at Eastbourne which are taking place this coming weekend, 20th & 21st August. A slightly smaller than usual entry this year owing in part to most people concentrating on DF95 qualification campaigns for next years Globals.

The Globals venue at Fleetwood plays host to the next round of DF Racing TT’s over the weekend of the 24th and 25th September. All the details are on the Event page Be aware of the restriction on the Sunday morning which is detailed in the NoR.

Then it’s on to the final rounds at Barton’s Point in October.

We’ve also had an updated overall score sheet from Peter and he has also split off the DF95 standings so people can see how they are getting on with qualification for the Globals.