Next few events and some results

There is a bit of a layoff now until next month when there are three DF events on the cards.

The first is at Eastbourne on the 16th which is a super venue and home of the very popular tea trolley.

The second sees another instalment of fun up at Fleetwood on the 22nd. Both the sailing and the off the water talk will be amusing that’s for sure.

Finally in August on the 30th there is a joint RG / DF event to be held at the Watermead club which again is a great venue.

Full details of these events can be found on the Events page.

And finally for this post there is a brief report and full HMS sheet for the Nationals on the Results page along with a link to Sue Browns photos of the event.  I might suggest making a cup of tea before viewing them as there are over 350 photos!

DF Nats 15

Just one of Sue’s excellent photos

Tushy Takes The Title!

So day two took on a familiar pattern as John Tushingham continued his day one form to take a convincing second DF65 National Championship title with 24 points. Trevor Binks took a distant second with 47 from Derek Priestley on 52 and Ken Binks on 55.

It sounds like the racing was very close throughout the field with some great battles at the top, and bottom of the fleets, the wind made matters easier with competitors in C rig by the end of the day as the wind strength increased.

Full scores are available on the Nationals website.

Nationals Update – Day 1

With day two now underway the day 1 results are available and it seems that there is a familiar name at the top of the sheet in the form of a certain John Tushingham. He has taken 8 points from 9 races and with the nearest challenger being Trevor Binks on 25 points it seems that JT is going to have to have really bad day at the office if he is not to collect the winners trophy for a second time.

That said the breeze is due to fill quite nicely to provide a really nice days sailing which could give some of the others renewed purpose on the racecourse.

For full day one results check out the Nationals website.

Nationals entry deadline looming!

Are you still umming and ahhing about entering this years DF65 Nationals at Coalhouse Fort. There isn’t much time left to get your entry in and the deadline is on Monday 6th July which gives you just a few days to make your mind up.

I know there will be those of you reading this post who are thinking that you’d love to enter but you’re worried about not being competitive in a fleet racing situation, not having enough experience to get involved at this level.  Please, if you are in this situation get yourself entered, you will absolutely love it.

We all had to start racing somewhere and even John Tushingham had to do his first nationals once upon a time.  Getting started at a nationals gives you a great intro into the class racing and those involved in it. They are a friendly bunch who will give any newcomer a great deal of help even at an event like this.

If you are in any doubt, get your entry in!!

Check out the Nationals page for more details.