DF65 Northern Champs

Birkenhead delivered its usual mix of conditions with some breeze blowing in some directions at some times. Not often in one direction for all of one race but still it wasn’t raining.

Sixteen races, a mix of winners but the usual suspects were towards the pointy end of the fleet. Tushy won the day, local skipper John Brierley took second with Dave Darwell in third.

No disasters apart from Tim’s winch packing up before the start and then sinking quite a bit in the last three races. It’ll be the last time he treats his boat to a new rudder servo before an event!

Thanks to all at Birkenhead, lots of well organised racing with plenty of tea….

Upside down Results below.


Eastbourne TT Entry Details


Sorry, sorry, sorry I’ve been busy and forgot to upload the details for you all.  Some of you have seen the entry details already and have put your entries in, others are probably waiting for me to do this!

Anyhow, the event page is now online with details of the NoR and entry for both days at Eastbourne. Remember that we are sailing back to front at this event and we’ll be racing DF95’s on Saturday and DF65’s on Sunday.

Get your entry in early to allow the organisers to sort out how they’ll run the event.

Eastern District DF65 Champs

We have a number of District Championships coming up, the first of them to get us a NoR are the chaps from the Eastern District. See the NoR below for details of where, when and how.  The ND DF65 Champs are being held at Birkenhead on the 15th September, more details to follow I’m sure.

DF65-sos pic

Manor Park Roundup

Please head over to the Results 2018 page to see the weekend roundup and also the now up to date scores for the TT series, sorry they were wrong for a while, sort of my fault, sort of Tushy’s!  anyhow, results, go there now, take a look!

Manor Park DF95

So another day at the lakeside with a little bit of rain but a much more consistent breeze which made everyone’s job just that bit easier. Racing in one fleet there were lots of busy start lines to deal with but all the skippers were well behaved and it gave us 17 races.

Winner by a good few points was Tushy from Uncle Derek and Buzz.

Thanks to all at Manor Park for a great weekend, as we always say, these events couldn’t happen without such dedicated volunteers.

Manor Park DF65

So after lots of getting small rigs ready for this weekends racing it seems that once again the man upstairs has slowly dialled back the wind forecast for the weekend and we saw another day of A plus racing today. Lots of exciting racing with some truly enormous shifts up and down the course.

Buzz Coleman was the winner putting on a Tushyesque performance and taking 19 points from the ten races. Tushy was second with double the points, and Mick Chamberlain was just one point back in third spot.

See, Buzz can smile!

Scores on the doors.

DF95 tomorrow with the possibility of getting a B rig on the boat….maybe!