Lymington Town SC DF65 Fleet Kick off in Style!

Known for its big boat sailing the Lymington Town SC has recently set up a Radio  Sailing section and have adopted the DF65 class as its weapon of choice!  They had one of their first meetings on Saturday and there is a very good report on the Y&Y website, check out the link here.  We have also added their club details to the Clubs page of the website.

2015 results a go go!

With the first events of 2015 getting the DF season underway at various locations around the country we have started to add the event reports to the Results page. If your club has hosted an event or is running a race series and you’d like some publicity for it please send us your reports along with a photo or two and we’ll post it up for you, or even just a link to your club website if the report is on there.

Remember, there is still plenty of racing taking place around the country even though the winter is well and truly here so check out your local club and get sailing!

Sail Number Information

For those who require more info on how and where to apply your new sail number please check out the class documents page.

Essentially we follow the same procedure as the RG65 class however where they only apply the last two digits of the sail number we, as the DF65 class apply all three numbers. Appendix 4 of the RG65 rules has all the info that you’ll need.

More Registration News & More Racing!

We now have full registration capabilities once more and those who have submitted registration forms since Christmas Eve will be issued sail numbers before the weekend is out.  For those of you still wanting to register your new boat please use the form on the class documents page.

Whilst getting excited about the ND winter series at West Lancs we forgot to mention the winter series at Lincoln MYC which has its third event on Sunday, hopefully they’ll have some wind.

If you fancy getting involved in the racing please see the events page for more details.