Results 2019

DF Racing TT Series Overall Results 2019

Here are the overall results for2019. We had 172 individual skippers take part in at least one event this season, this is up on last year and hopefully encourages more people to have a go next year.

TT Overall 19

End of Season Report!

So we have reached the end of the 2019 DF Racing UK TT Series  and it is perhaps a good time to take a look back over the season and see how it played out.

We started out back in February with the season opener at West Lancs YC where it was really rather cold to the point where we had to break the ice on Sunday morning before we could start racing. However,  the sailing was great on both days. Derek had a double win, John B took a third and a second with Buzz taking second with the 65 and Tim taking third spot with the 95. It was a rare weekend where Tushy didn’t  feature, he had a torrid day trying to set up a new boat on the Saturday and was PRO on Sunday.

We headed South to Gosport in March where we were greeted by a weedless big pond and very little breeze. We managed seven races in three fleets over the day but boy was it a struggle. Our good friend from The Netherlands, Tjakko was the eventual winner with class newcomer Simon McCarthy taking second with Nigel taking third. Tushy was still struggling with his 65.  Sunday saw a better breeze for the 95’s but it was still a tricky job being PRO. It turned out well enough though and Buzz won the day after six races from Tim in second and Tushy in third spot.

So, four events in and Tush still hadn’t won one, was it a sign of things to come…no not really

Back up North and possibly the windiest UK event of the year at Birkenhead for the DF65’s and it was a masterclass from Tushy who scored 19 points with John B, his closest rival, scoring more than double that number. Buzz finished third. A rainy Saturday evening and the biggest mixed grill known to man and we rolled into Sunday with some better weather  that saw the Southerners take their big coats off and the Northerners donned shorts and T shirts! A good days sailing with the breeze straight up and down the lake saw another masterclass from Tushy with Peter B taking a well earned second spot from Buzz in third.

Next stop was Eastbourne for the DF95 Nationals with a bumper entry of 60 skippers. Unfortunately the breeze didn’t play ball and what little breeze there was came from all the wrong directions which made for a slow weekend for the skippers and a very challenging weekend for the race team. Tushy struggled on Saturday and sat third going into Sunday. The overnight top spot was held by the Italian skipper Paolo Cappa who had a strong first day with Tim in second spot sailing consistently.

Sunday saw more of the same breeze and it was Paolo’s to lose and Tim’s to win, however it seemed that Tushy had put on his lucky shorts and he sailed a very good second day to leapfrog both Paolo and Tim to take the win. Paolo’s day didn’t get any better and he got stuck in B fleet which saw him drop down the board to finish fourth. Tim stuck to it and despite having a rudder servo fail a metre from the finish of the last race he held on to second spot by just two points from Buzz who finished in third spot.

Whilst in Nationals mode we headed to Milton Keynes and the Two Islands RYC for the DF65 Nationals just two weeks on from the 95 event. We were around ten skippers down on the 95’s but we were greeted by some great conditions which gave some fantastic racing over the course of the weekend. Tushy was on fine form and wore his lucky shorts for both days this time round making sure that he took the title. Swedish skipper Jonas Samson took second spot after a solid weekend’s yachting and Derek took third having avoided the pitfalls of putting his race bib on……

Mid July saw a trip back up to Ilkley Moor and the Keighley club for a weekend of fun and games. 23 skippers turned out for the DF65 racing and 31 for the DF95’s, so whilst Tushy took PRO duties for the weekend it gave Peter B the chance to take a well deserved double win. John B took third spot on both days with Ken taking second on Saturday and Wayne on Sunday.

August was a mammoth journey for most down to Plymouth and Dartmoor RSC for another windy weekend up on the moors. It’s a very dystopian landscape with sailing taking place in the clay settling ponds, it’s a very cool venue. Saturday was windy, Sunday not so much, Tushy won both days, Derek was second both days and Peter B was third….both days.

Onwards to the South East and a trip to Alton Water was on the cards for early September, however it wasn’t to be due to a couple of issues at the club.

So to the penultimate event and a trip across the North Sea to Holland and Leiden. A superb venue which delivered in spades. The wind was up, the rain came down, well more sideways than down, and the social was top notch. Saturday saw the DF65’s using the C rig and it was Tushy who mastered the wind rain and waves to take a convincing win from Ken in second and Buzz in third spot.

Sunday dawned similar with lots of wind and plenty of rain. Not windy enough for the D rig on the 95 (will it ever get used in the TT series??) so the C rig was set and 16 cold, damp races later it was Tushy once again on the top step but this time it was Buzz from Ken.

So we had our 2019 TT Champ already with Tushy now counting eight wins and maximum points.

The final round beckoned us to Fleetwood and the historic club and all the great stuff that it has to offer. Friday afternoon gave us some chance to practice, Friday evening gave us a chance to eat and drink, well drink at least. Saturday dawned as a bright autumnal day with very little in the way of breeze. Series winner Tushy sat the weekend out, Derek was PRO for the weekend and could only score average points so it was only Buzz, who was racing, who could muster a second spot finish in the series by scoring well over the two days.

It was Shaun Priestley who made the best of the light conditions to win the day from John B by just 0.7 of a point, close racing indeed with Ken being a couple of points behind. Buzz finished fourth but didn’t improve his overall score. Perhaps Sunday would be better?

Sunday arrived cold, bright and somewhat breezier than Saturday. Game on for the last DF95 race of the season. A rigs were the order of the day and nine races later the season was done. Shaun won the day again from John B with Tim in third spot. Buzz had a worse day that he had on Saturday and couldn’t better his overall score.

So, the final reckoning, Tushy was top of the class with Derek taking second spot. Buzz only just hung on to third spot by a single point from John B who had a great last weekend. John’s Birkenhead teammate Peter Baldwin finished the season in fifth spot ten or so points behind, with Ken another half dozen points back on Peter. Tim made up a place to finish seventh, ahead of Nigel in eighth with Wayne in ninth and Tjakko rounding out the top ten.

Top five 2019 TT Series finishers.

As well as these ten skippers there were another 160 odd that sailed in at least one event over the course of the season and with PRO’s taking a score for the event they did we had a total of 173 skippers on the final scoresheet.

Huge thanks to all those involved in making the 2019 season what it was, whether you PRO’d an event, took scores, laid marks, made tea, made sandwiches or allowed your loved one to go racing…..thank you.

There are, however, two people that deserve a special mention, Peter and Judith Baldwin, who undertook the task of scoring many of our events and also compiling the overall series scores. Judith stood on finish lines all around the country in all sorts of weather and Peter sorted many of the event scores in between his own racing. Without these two dedicated people we wouldn’t have the depth of information we have in our overall scoring.

To there we have it, a quick wrap up of 2019. Time to start earning your brownie points and boat prepping for the 2020 season which looks like it might be a belter!

DF Racing TT Series Grand Finale, Fleetwood.

So what can we say about the Fleetwood Grand Finale weekend?  There are a couple of things that spring to mind, my liver has taken a beating, I’m tired, the social was amusing for various reasons and that is before we’ve gotten anywhere near the two days of racing.

Friday afternoon saw a few skippers take to the water but the breeze was coming straight over the top of Uncle Derek’s  new retirement home which was nowhere near what the forecast had in store for the following two days so it was more of a “make sure it works” sort of a sail rather than any sort of practice.  As the afternoon wore on the “make sure it works” turned into more of a “keeping us out of the pub” sort of a sail. Eventually it got cold, the Southerners wanted to go indoors and it started to get dark so we decamped to the pub. It got quite messy, some people got fed, others not so much.


Saturday morning dawned with the promise of a bit of breeze from a number of different directions but first off we were greeted by no breeze at all. Luckily Aunty Maureen and her band of galley girls were producing bacon sarnies and hot drinks at a world record rate and whilst the race team were busy setting a course the wind sort of appeared from the forecast direction but with very little strength. Briefing sorted and the seeding race got underway but without John Tushingham who decided to sit the weekend out and take some photos and a bit of video.


Wayne and Peter Baldwin took the bullets in the seeding then with Judith and Bob having sorted the heat board we cracked on with race two which saw Shaun Priestley take the win from Tim (who was sailing after all!) with John Sharman in third. Race three saw Buzzzzz  beat Micky C and Dave Burke and the breeze was looking ok. Shaun took four from John Brierley with Tim in third spot.

Then the wind went away and came back from the other seaward corner of the lake.  Peter Iles was deployed in the rescue boat to swap the marks around before race five could get underway. It was John B from Shaun with Nigel in third. It seemed that the wind had sorted itself out so race six got underway and it was won by Ken from Dave with Buzzzz in third. Shaun had a nightmare with gear failure which saw him take a DNF which put him on the back foot for race seven….or so you’d think. Not a chance, he bounced straight back and took the race win from Wayne with Dave, who was starting to string some decent results together, in third spot.


In the best of Fleetwood traditions, the breeze crapped out and reappeared back where it had started from at the beginning of the day. Cue Peter and some mark laying and hey presto we had just enough time for another race which was won by John Sharman from Ken with class newcomer James Hadden in third spot.

So at the end of the day it was Shaun who took the win from John Brierley with Ken Binks in third spot.

Fleetwood 65

Back to the pub, they had even given us our own room, what could possibly go wrong?? Well it was another busy night at The Mount but on the plus side everyone got fed eventually. More wine was drunk, important matters were discussed then we were asked to leave because the pub had shut.

Sunday morning looked good, it was however a little bit cold. The Southerners had multiple lairs, big coats, hats and some pretty funky looking gloves. The Northerners had put long pants on rather than shorts.

DF95 were rigged with A suit and there was a great array of colour amongst the fleet. The breeze was still coming from where it had been on Saturday evening which meant a little less work for Peter in the boat which was good as he was racing today!

An earlier briefing and hey presto the racing got underway with the seedings.  Shaun took up where he left off yesterday winning one with Jen Hand winning the other.  Judith and Bob rearranged the board and we hopped to race two which saw Buzz take the win from Shaun  with Mike Adams in third spot.


The key to todays racing was to get off the line as cleanly as you could get as far ahead as you could before tacking over to the windward mark hoping that you’d judged it just right and overstood it enough to avoid a pileup and breeze round the outside and into the lead…..simple really!

Race three was Tim from Buzz and Ken, four saw Buzz from Shaun and Peter, the wind was still good so race five beckoned and Shaun took the win from Tim and Ken.

We might have had a short break at this point and hot soup was available from the galley along with more hot drinks.

After lunch race six saw John Sharman make good his escape from the start to win from John Brierley and Peter Baldwin. The wind had started to build towards the limit of the A rig but it seemed that everyone was still ok and race seven got underway with John Brierley getting away cleanly and staying ahead to win by a reasonable margin from Peter Baldwin and Shaun, who was looking comfy at the top of the table.


Eight went to John B again having nailed the start again, John S and Wayne took second and third, it would have been nice to stop then but Derek decided that nine would be the last race and despite wanting to finish early Tim took the win by a country mile having led from gun to gun, a good way to finish the last race of the season, John B took second with Fleetwood’s John Plant taking third spot.

It was Shaun who kept his nose cleanest throughout the day and he took the win for the day from John B with Tim taking a solid third spot.

Fleetwood 95

And that was that, the season was over, but who won what?

Well Tushy took top spot, Derek took second and Buzz was third. I’ll compile an end of season report card later in the week .

Thanks as always to Fleetwood, from the Galley Girls to Peter in the rescue boat, Judith and Bob on the board, Peter Baldwin who was racing and keeping the scores up to date and Derek as PRO for the weekend, we couldn’t have done it without you.

We were lucky enough to have Sue Brown back with us again, she’s in fine form with her camera and has dropped us a link to her photos of the weekend, clicky here to take a look.

DF Racing TT Series Rounds 15 & 16, Leiden, Holland.

Nope, we haven’t forgotten to put a report up for the previous rounds, they didn’t happen so there was no report to post!

Anyhow, we’ve had a great report from one of the home skippers. Well worth sharing, thanks Peter!

OK, Guys… Wind?? Hmmm I guess plenty!! What about rain?? Was it rain? Or just a huge bucket of water constant flying with 25 knots plus! horizontal over the standing area smashing into our faces and boats. Some said… it looked like KAAP HORN as at the upwind area the waves smashed into the wall and bounced back to the finish-line..
some boats had complete lift off in that area.
Are we all having a great time?? Shouts Mike Weston just before the races starts.. He repeats as we all mumbled.. “ yeahhh! Are we all having a great time?? YEAHHHHH!!!! we all shouted!! I am sure some of us did not meant that honestly.. but the fact was.. it was hilarious!!
Lets start from the Friday.. Myself was late that day so I missed the pre-racing at the location. Meeting centre was the bar at the VD Vlak Hotel with some drinks and off to the restaurant. Tjakko lead us to the Greek Restaurant. That was sooo good! But just before that there was still time to play some pool. Even that the english are good at! The perfect combination of drinks, laughs, pool and food! Not to mention the naughty jokes of Mike… He is sooo funny! It was superb to be among the UK team and having some great fun!. Off to bed because the days of sailing promised us huge fun and efforts to survive in upcoming weather conditions.
The Saturday was all about DF65 racing! Tjakko and the team were early at the scene to set up the course. Starting off with the B rig but ended up with the C. The wind even got stronger and it started to be very difficult to get your boat in the right direction. I missed many good starts as my DF65 drifted far out not possible to jibs or tack and be back at the startline in time. That by itself needs a good practice to learn how to handle the boat with 35 knots plus wind. Luckily I was not the only one..
16 races on the saturday. For sure we can say that we all learned a lot from the UK team. Best Dutch skipper was Huub Gillissen sailing the DF65 for the very first time. He loved it!! John Tushingham superb with Ken Binks close on 2nd and Buzz Coleman 3rd.
Saturday evening time for the Skippers Dinner at the VD Valk Restaurant. Drinks, food is a great combination for huge fun and laughter! It’s not all about sailing at all.. socializing and listen to great stories if just as important. Most about boats of course Even modeling with hot chocolade came to table!
Again… exhausted after this day of sailing of to bed. The Sunday was coming up. Even more severe weather was expected.. but.. with the DF95!!
Sunday.. DragonFlite95 Day!

Yep… opening the curtains early morning…RAIN!! And WIND! Wow.. this is going to be awesome! This days of sailing you need good clothing! All set up with sailing suits wear to keep dry. But even that did not completely help. Everything was WET WET WET! But the wind was better that the Saturday so sailing with the C-rig. Boy.. the 95 is a quick boat.
“Are we all having a good time??!! Mike Shouted… I guess you can imagine the reactions… YEAHHHH. Even louder then saturday!
John Tushingham was the absolute master this weekend. And showed us some great technical sailing leaving us all far behind. It is magical even.. Huge fun that day!
16 races of fun was the max for the Sunday and again the best Dutch was Huub Gillissen. 1st Master John T, changing positions from Saturday 2nd and 3rd with Ken and Buzz.

It was all so good to talk to everybody and meet up again. Hopefully soon a revanche!
Time to dry all sails, bits, parts and recover from a weekend full wind and rain! Luckily it was not too cold!!
Price-giving was just as nice as on the Saturday. Wine it issss!! ( I finished mine already….) Stroopwafels and Delfts Blauw napkins!!
Tjakko Keizer, a huge thank you for organizing this TT series. Setting up a weekend as this takes so much efforts and time. Lots of respect. This was a weekend we will never forget. Marcel Bleeker and the rest of the RG65 National organization thanks for all the efforts. Harry Drenth behind the scenes for the scoring at

Peter Vulperhorst

Results for both days below.

DF65 Saturday results – Clicky here



DF Racing TT Series Rounds 11 & 12, Dartmoor MBC

Apologies for the delay in getting the report and results posted, I’ve been away on holibobs for a week and I was hoping that someone might have written a report for the DF65 Saturday event, thanks Steve Watts for the excellent report below.


With an exceptionally bad weather forecast which resulted in major events being cancelled in the South West of England some wondered whether Round 11 of the TT for the DF65 go ahead? I am happy to report that it did after the Race Team at Dartmoor could see the wind direction would provide a window of opportunity to carry on racing on Shaugh lake. Without doubt though conditions were extreme, particularly on the Friday afternoon when it required a major effort by the boat crew to pre -set course buoys on the lake for the following day. All thoughts on providing additional covered areas for the competitors and race team against the elements were quickly discounted as being, very unsafe!

Race Day – The experienced race team led by Peter Cropper and Paul Newman got racing  under way on time with the fleet of 16 boats lining up on ‘C ‘ rigs. The lake looked grey and turned ominously black as the gusts went from 20 mph to over 30 at times. Helms not used to the ‘C’ rig or racing in heavy weather soon found themselves wanting, as John Tushingham (51) showed his experience to lead the fleet home in 3 of the first 4 races. After the first break in which many adjusted their rigs the next 4 races saw Derek Priestley (67) put in two first places and it became a battle between 51 and 67 for line honours. Nigel Brown (55) who was chasing hard raced consistently and posted a trio of thirds. The fleet came ashore for lunch at just the right time as the lake turned white and the heavens opened. A hasty retreat was made by everyone to the main shed and cars and even the side of the RC yachts van was used by some who sought shelter.

After the squall had gone through the lake for a while looked quite calm but soon the wind and the lake chop returned just as racing resumed. The results in the next four races were a bit different with Derek Priestley slipping a little which allowed Peter Baldwin (63) to challenge John Tushingham for the lead in two races. Further down the fleet there were many instances of failed tacks and some contact’s, but considering the conditions it was hardly surprising. For those watching from the lakeside it was fun to watch and even members of the Race team remarked as to how well the boats coped with the conditions. Races 12 – 16 saw a repeat of form for the two leading boats as John Tushingham’s dominant form continued over Derek Priestley. After being mid fleet for most of the day local helm Richard Wills(52)  finally got the hang of things to post a 2nd and  3rd .

At the prize giving it was John Tushingham who was presented with the winner’s trophy by Tom Eaves the commodore of D.M.B.C with Derek Priestley in second place and a consistent scoring Peter Baldwin in third.

The Club enjoyed hosting the event and hopes to see the DF 65’s back again in the future. Dartmoor is Dartmoor rugged and wild at times but it does get sun and light winds, sometimes. Maybe next time.

Steve Watts (Dartmoor race team)

DF65 Results below.


Windy Saturday – Photo Sue Brown

DF TT Round 11 for DF65 @ Dartmoor

Saturday Winners

DF95 TT Event “Race Report” held at Dartmoor MBC 11th August 2019

Sunday’s race day seemed to arrive quite quickly & it was now for the larger DF95 class TT.

Most of the skippers who had attended the DF65 TT on the Saturday were there, hopefully all suitably refreshed, since they had experienced near gale force 30 knot gusty winds on the Saturday!

Gratefully, we were all greeted with somewhat calmer weather conditions for the day, with 18 skippers all charged up & ready for the initial predicted & steady SW winds, which were expected to veer & increase later on & gave the race team another opportunity, to offer skippers the longest race course for this lake.

After the skipper briefing, which indicated the same south bank control zone, it offered a good windward beat to the first & then second spreader marks, from that, it was then downwind to a “gate” towards the east bank, towards the 2 given laps to the finish line.

It had been decided to race “One Fleet”, which was the same as the DF65 day, offering 4 races, tea breaks throughout the day & 16 races & 3 discards, for all skippers to end the event.

All helms sported the large “A” rig & skippers quickly began to practice & figure out their pre-race tactics & where to position themselves along the wide start line, prior to the start.

This offered the more experienced helms the opportunity to judge any “chess board” type areas to exploit on the course, but equally trying to find clear air aspects immediately afterwards!

From the gun & after the first marks & running towards the gate & to the finish line, it was Peter Baldwin 172 who had exploited the “Chess Board players” & finished first, with Paul Turner 2nd, then John Tushingham 3rd.

Race 2 saw Bob Connor with his first bullet, then  Tushy for race 3, then Derek race 4 & Nigel Brown getting a 3rd in the same race.

At the tea break, some skippers may even at this point, perhaps began to reflect on this:- “Winning May not be everything! But loosing has little to recommend it”!

After the break, races 5-8 began in earnest & with it, John T had already decided the winning bit of that little ditty, hence getting into the winning groove 3 times, with Derek P a win & Nigel Brown a 2nd in race 7 & Shaun Priestley a 2nd in race 8.

Lunch! Relax & check boat, rig etc.


Not so windy Sunday! – Photo Sue Brown

During lunch a course change was done due to the now predicted wind increasing to force 3 plus & veering to the south, but all skippers were still in the “A” rig?

Why? Because everyone always seems to do the same as Tushy, e.g. when he changes rig, they all gladly follow, but he did not change down, just tweaked!

So onto races 9-12 with Tushy now on his last discard, it was with Derek P, John T who gathered some 1sts & 2nds, so it seemed like “ Game on” for the top spot, between these two.

But sometimes not all goes to plan, for at the beginning of race 12, we saw John T having problems sheeting the rig in & had to retire from that race, but equally important, on the same race & now with upper end force 3 gusts to contend with, Derek P 67, had his own drama in the form of a collision just before the downwind gate, which caused him to seek & get a “Redress” position, allowing Bob Connor the opportunity to get his 2nd well earned win of the contest!

Such is racing:- “Winning is not everything, but it is the effort, that is the key”.

The retirement from race 12 for John, was somewhat fortunate, as it coincided with a tea break, allowing him time to fix the issue & giving him his 3rd & final discard, some would say this was luck, let’s see if that happened!

For the final 4 races 13-16 of the day & a slight course change to the new windward marks,  let’s see what transpired!

Some say:- “its never over until the fat lady sings”, well let’s see who didn’t want to wait & wanted that top spot!

From the off, sail No 51s decision was positive & so had been the same for sail No 67, for between them they pretty much cleaned up, with No 51, yes, John T winning all 4 races on the trot!

Wow, that’s how you finish an event!

So now at the point when the days racing had ended & skippers had all returned to pick up their pride & joy & with only a few “general recalls” & one “black flag” to keep all skippers honest during the entire event, it was now “prize giving” time!

At the prize giving it was top spot & all the spoils from both days racing, yes you guessed it, a repeat from day one & congratulations to John Tushingham (51) on 18 points, Derek Preistley (67) 2nd & Peter Baldwin (172) 3rd, to complete the same finishing order & repeat from day one!

Congrats to the competitors who attended & our sincere thanks to you all, from the Dartmoor MBC!

My personal thanks to all our race team for the weekend & a special thanks to Steve Watts in organising the entire event!

Paul Newman (RO)

DF95 Results below.

DF TT Round 12 for DF95 @ Dartmoor

Sunday Winners….looking familiar somehow…!

Full set of pictures from both days by Sue Brown – Clicky here

DF Racing TT Series Rounds 9 & 10

I wasn’t there and haven’t yet had a report from anyone that was. From what I gather it was a tough weekend at the office for all involved.

Victorious on both days was Peter Baldwin, showing everyone how to do it!

Results for both days below and a report to follow…….if one turns up.

Crikey, Here we are again just a couple of days later and we have a report from PRO Tushy. Details below.

Perfect Weekend for Peter Baldwin

Keighley might have a well earned reputation for good winds and bad weather, but once again the DF 65 fleet was greeted by the complete opposite! A very fitful and inconsistent summer thermal breeze appeared and disappeared seemingly at random, presenting a nightmare for race officer John Tushingham to set any kind of settled course, most buoys on the lake were used at some point in the day, but not necessarily in the same direction! But despite the vagaries of the conditions John Brierley managed to kick start his day with back to back wins with Peter Baldwin and Martin Gray also fighting for the finishing line. Tjakko Keizer and Chris More then notched up the following two races whilst Ken Bink’s consistency gave him overall top slot at lunchtime. If the wind was poor the pie & peas lunch by Liz and her team was the perfect antidote. It obviously kept Ken and Peter feuled up as they went on to record two bullets apiece in the last four races of the day. We managed to squeeze in eight races over the day, probably on eight different courses and as the wine was handed out it was Peter who just edged Ken by a single point, with John Brierley not far behind in third. A tricky day but somehow the cream always rises to the top!

After a quick wash and brush up the fleet gathered at a local pub for a first class social evening in fresh hope that Sunday would bring more settled conditions.

As the gates opened at the club the next morning and a fleet of DF 95s emerged in to the open it looked like our wishes had come true, a nice breeze in an almost ideal direction, all looked set for the thirty one boat fleet to enjoy some close racing. However, Sod’s law said otherwise and as the skippers briefing took place the wind decided to clock round and keep John guessing as to how to set a fair course in what is the lakes worst wind direction. After a short delay the seeding heats got away and not only did Mick Chamberlain manage to remember the course he also managed to stay out in front for a popular win in his heat with John Brierley again getting his day off the a fine start by taking the other heat. He followed this up with a second, first, second in the next three races – great consistency in the shifty winds. Despite calling in one of his discards in race four Peter Baldwin was matching him and went in to lunch only one point behind in the overall standings. Once again Liz and the galley staff (bolstered by visitors Ann Weston and Debbie La Roche) served up another memorable lunch, during which our race team was able to take advantage of yet another change in wind direction to reset the course over on the left hand bank and thankfully this time it had set in with some consistency and strength for the rest of the day. Tjakko obviously enjoyed his lunch and took the first race of the afternoon from John Brierley with a resurgent Wayne Stobbs in close company. Apparently Wayne had a good talk to himself at lunchtime and it seemed to work, his results just kept on getting better with another third followed by a second and two bullets to round off the day – he was on fire! Peter Baldwin also racked up a brace of wins and John kept in the picture with a couple of solid thirds. It was certainly looking very close at the top, but how close was not revealed until the prize giving, a three was draw for the top slot between Peter, Wayne and John all on twelve points, however, it was Peter’s three bullets that got him past the line from a delighted Wayne and the lunchtime leader John.

A very tricky weekend for the race officer, but suntans were topped up and many laughs were had. So it’s on the Dartmoor in August, we had a very enjoyable weekend down there two years ago and look forward to much of the same.

DF65 Nationals 2019 – Two Islands RYC

47992445047_796853aaa6_z (1)

Skippers village, now with added flaggage! – Photo Sue Brown

So, what can we say about this weekend, well quite a bit I guess so here we go.

Lets start with the breeze. Saturday was lighter than forecast and called for the A plus rig rather than anything else which gave plenty of opportunity to get your tune just so which was nice. Sunday started with the majority of the fleet in A rig for the first races and then almost out of nowhere the breeze cranked up a couple of notches and B rig became the order of the day….or was it C rig, hmmm, choices choices, which was the right one….who knew. Anyhow, rig choice combined with tricky and big shifts up the beat made for a very challenging second day and it saw the leader board change quite a bit.

Rewind to Friday afternoon when there were a good few boats getting some practice in using all the rigs from A plus to C. The breeze piped up during the session and most ended the day having set up at least three rigs for the weekend. Friday evening social went well.


Obligatory skippers photo – Photo Sue Brown

Saturday dawned with a lot less breeze than anyone had expected and at 0945 the 49 skippers assembled for the briefing given by PRO Mike Kemp and his team. Seeding races got underway at a leisurely pace with John Tush, Nigel Brown and Derek Priestley taking the honours out of the three races.

Race two saw a bit of a quicker pace as the wind increased and everyone got into their stride, Birkenhead skipper Peter Baldwin took the win from Tushy and Swede Rolf Andersson. Race three saw the breeze increasing a little but it was still very manageable on the A plus and Tushy made the best of the ever shifting breeze up the beat and took the bullet from Jonas Samson and Nigel.

Race four was a similar story at the top with JT winning from Eastbourne skipper Mike Adams with John Brierley in third spot. Martin Gray of the USA stepped up for race five taking the bullet from Rolf and Mick Chamberlain, Tushy was nowhere to be seen back in 13th spot, surely a discard was coming with that one!


A plus Saturday – Photo Sue Brown

As expected Tushy was top of the tree in race six once again with John Taylor in second spot and Ken Binks in third. With time trotting on we had a skippers meeting and agreed to get the A fleet race sailed in race seven to get a clear overnight picture and also to afford those that stayed in A fleet a leisurely morning on Sunday.  The result was predictable with Jonas second and Martin third.

Cue Saturday night social, it was another good one that’s for sure but it did leave a couple of broken skippers along the way.

Sunday was forecast to be a good deal breezier and indeed it was and today the challenge was threefold, rig choice, picking the shifts up the beat and battling your thick head from the night before.


Tough Sunday, was it B or C rig?? – Photo Sue Brown

Race eight saw Jonas take the win from Mats Hansson and Tim Long, who had a winch failure on Saturday and a rudder servo failure yet to come during Sunday’s racing. Nigel came through in race nine with Tushy recovering to take second and Peter in third. Race ten saw Tushy back at the top with Martin in second and Derek making a late run in third. He scored a third in the next race, eleven, with Nigel second and Ken taking the top spot. Derek went two better in the final race to take the win from Jonas and Nigel to round out the 2019 Nationals.

Winning, more than 25 points ahead of his nearest rival was of course John Tushingham who, perhaps for the first time in a long time had to count a double points score, no doubt he’ll be having a word with himself about that!


2019 DF65 National Champ John Tushingham – Photo James Beale

Jonas and Derek 2 & 3

The rest of the top seven.

Second spot went to Jonas Samson, who had a useful day on Sunday gaining ten spots on where he finished Saturday’s racing. Those final three races saw Derek take third spot just a single point behind Jonas and I’m sure he will be having the same sort of debrief as John!

Fourth spot saw Mick Chamberlain just three points behind Derek, Nigel, Ken, John Brierley and Martin Gray were the rest of the top eight with John Taylor and Rolf rounding out the top ten skippers.


Full results sheet.

As with all the DF Racing events it was as tight as you like with ten points separating nearly as many places on the board.

Finally a massive thanks to Two Islands RYC who have once again been superb, from PRO Mike Kemp to Mike in the rescue boat and all the other club members that gave their time to allow us to sail, we really appreciate the effort that you guys go to.

DF95 Nationals 2019 – Eastbourne & DMYC


Stunning weather…not much breeze!

With a bumper entry of 60 boats there were several key points for this weekend, be there in plenty of time for breakfast otherwise the amazing catering ladies will run out of eggs and the other thing is you’ll need a comfy chair. We had a good overseas entry too with six Nations represented, GBR, USA, SWE, ITA, SUI and NED and these guys combined to produce the biggest fleet of DF95’s raced anywhere in the world at National Championship level.

The usual UK crowd were joined by a good number of new skippers taking part in their first Nationals and help was given as and when it was needed by the top skippers, passing on knowledge of tuning and boat setup.

Friday practice was a relaxed affair with maybe half the fleet getting tuned up in a gentle North East breeze, this was followed by the usual Friday night social in the Tomato and Cheese Italian restaurant which provided the usual Saturday morning hangover for many.

Saturday morning saw the competitors greeted by a light and shifty East (ish) breeze which saw the race team out in the boat laying and then relaying the course, a task that kept them occupied all weekend. The four seeding races kicked off and were duly won by local skipper Ken Binks, Shaun Priestley, Buzz Coleman and Paolo Cappa. We were very lucky to have any breeze at all with forecasts earlier in the week suggesting nothing at all. However, lucky or not, with the light breeze and the shifty conditions it was a sure thing that we wouldn’t be beating any records for the number of races completed over two days!

Race two saw Paolo build on his lead with another bullet, Swede Jonas was second and Tim “Snackers” Long was in third spot. It wasn’t until race three that Tushy got his act together and won a race with Jonas in second and local skipper Geoff Ball in third.

It seemed that the trick was getting off the line cleanly and in some sort of breeze was the key thing and then having the presence of mind to avoid the inevitable raft up at the windward mark would usually see you pop out of the spreader in good shape for the run.

Race four had Paolo winning again, jeez he was fast, with Holland’s Tjakko Keizer second and Lincoln’s own Mick Chamberlain in third spot. Race five and another course change, although there were that many I can’t be sure! Snackers took the bullet from Buzz with Paolo in third spot, still looking racy. Race six saw Jonas charging to the front once more but he was covered all the way around the course by Snackers who was starting to look like he might be doing ok. Third spot was taken by Craig Richards of Windrush MYC.

That was the end of day one and the standings saw Paolo leading, three points clear of Snackers with Tushy seven points adrift of Snackers.


Tricky conditions made the weekend tough for all.

The usual Saturday night social was held at Cosmo, and was well attended, Paolo and Tim got an early night with Tushy out on the town until late…or was it early the next day!

Sunday morning and the breeze was more from the North which saw the course laid on the far bank, close the the seaward end of the pond. We started with the B fleet on race seven and it gave those A fleet skippers a chance to see where the breeze was, and indeed wasn’t. Jonas started where he had left off and took the win with Tushy looking fresh in second spot and Dave Andrews in third.

There was a reschedule to three fleets at this point which meant that there was a little less sitting around to be done but the fleets were now bigger so that breeze out on the left might have looked tempting but would you end up being a hero or a zero…….crikey this was a tough regatta!

Race eight was Tjakko’s and he beat Tushy and Paolo. Paolo fared better in nine taking the win from Uncle Derek Preistley and Buzz.

Now Uncle Derek’s weekend didn’t go to plan at all. First thing Saturday whilst putting on his race bib it was caught by a gust of wind and he got the corner of it jabbed into his eye, causing it to bleed. Off to A&E for a few hours and when he returned he had tumbled down the board and wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Still, some excellent looking “Stevie Wonder” sunglasses and a few glasses of red on Saturday evening saw him revived for Sunday’s racing where he did fare a little better.

Anyhow, race ten was Tushy’s from Buzz and Tjakko.

Race eleven saw the top three of Tushy, Snackers and Buzz all place around tenth spot, were they covering each other or was it just luck that saw them there. The race was won by Derek, proving that even with a gammy eye he could still deliver the goods. USA skipper Chuck LeMahieu took second spot after a tough weekend with Wayne Stobbs a very creditable third.

So, to the final race of the championship, Snackers needed Tush to finish way down the fleet to have any chance of taking the win, Buzz was only three behind Snackers so there was no chance of a relaxing final race. Wayne charged to the win from Dave Andrews with Peter Baldwin taking third spot.

How did the top three fare, well, Tushy took fourth spot, securing him the title, Buzz finished in eighth spot and Snackers….well he didn’t finish, with less than a metre to the finish, two spots in front of Buzz his rudder servo failed and the Wonkaboat did merry circles whilst the fleet streamed past him. Frustrating to say the least…

The Mayor of Eastbourne turned up to present the prizes and Tushy got to put his name of the trophy once again having sailed an excellent second day in his lucky shorts. Second spot was taken in the end by Snackers despite the final race drama 18 points behind Tushy on 54. Buzz took third just two points behind Snackers with Paolo in fourth spot after a disaster of an afternoon, getting stuck in B fleet and racking up some points.

Swiss skipper Vasco Aurino took fifth spot, Shaun Priestley sixth, Craig Richards seventh, Nigel Brown eighth, Mick Chamberlain ninths with Tjakko roundiing out the top ten.

As with all the DF events that we race the margins down the fleet were tight, and you could often throw a blanket over four places which were separated by less than a handful of points.

A huge thank you must go to the Eastbourne club, especially Jes and the race team who battled relentlessly to get courses set and then tweaked and then removed and re laid as the conditions dictated. It was as tough for the race team as it was for the skippers and they handled it in a dedicated and professional way, many, many thanks for taking the time to allow us to race. The other big shout out needs to go to the catering crew, a very dedicated bunch of ladies who kept all of us fed and watered over the weekend with freshly prepared breakfasts, cakes, meals and drinks, you were all faultless.

So, congratulations to John Tushingham, the 2019 DF95 UK National Champion.


Scores on the doors.




Top nine…Tjakko had gone home.

We are clearly in Nationals mode with the DF65 Nationals in just two weeks time at Two Islands RYC in Milton Keynes. Comfy chairs at the ready………

DF Racing TT series, Round 6 Birkenhead RSPBC – DF95

Well that was a different day, there was a whole 40 mph less breeze today which made the racing almost like…well…racing! A big fleet of thirty boats gathered on the start and raced as a well behaved single fleet which made your start absolutely crucial and made or messed your race before you got up the first beat.


Things started as they finished yesterday with Tushy taking the first two races before getting  mauled up the first beat in the third race which gave him his worst result of the day with an 18th. Race three also saw Yukio take his maiden win with the DF95, a stylish win for sure.

Tushy took race 4, 6 and 8, Pete Baldwin race 5, 7 and 10 . Mike Weston, sailing for a change took race 9 to his great delight! Tushy took 11 with Derek winning his only race with race 12, after that it was Tush all the way apart from 15 where he had issues!

As you’d imagine there were a good number of incidents throughout the day and turns were duly completed by the offenders which made the sailing good spirited throughout the fleet. As the day went on the weather got better and better with most people peeling off layers of clothing throughout the day.

Tushy of course won the day, 20 points ahead of a consistent Peter Baldwin with Derek in third spot three points back on 49. Buzz finished fourth with Tim Long in fifth spot after a testing mid morning session. Commodore John Brierley rounded out the top six. Results below.

Huge thanks to all at the Birkenhead club who gave their time willingly to allow us all a great weekend of racing at this prestigious club on the Wirral.

Next stop is the DF95 Nationals at Eastbourne in mid May, get yourself entered if you haven’t done so already.

DF Racing TT Series, Round 5 Birkenhead RSPBC – DF65

So there forecast was for it to be breezy, which at Birkenhead means it’s either up and down the lake and the sailing is good fun, or it’s across the pond which can be challenging to say the least. Today was up and down the pond….bingo!


Overnight saw N. Wales battered by 80 mph gusts which made the drive up to the Wirral pretty interesting to saw the least and on arrival at the club there was certainly some breeze with waves breaking over the clubhouse end of the pond.

So, C rig equipped we took to the water after a quick briefing from Mr Martin Roberts, our PRO for the day. Seeding races were held with club commodore John Brierley and Wayne Stobbs taking the wins. It was soon decided that we could probably rattle some races off better if we sailed as a single fleet which was how the day went from race two onwards. Liz Tushingham beat Wayne to the win in that race with John Tush in third.

John took the next two with John B taking the second spots and Buzz and Yukio taking the third spots. Race 5 saw local skipper Andrew Peter take the win from Liz and Jim La Roche.

It seemed that the trick was to get a good first beat, get round the top mark in good order and then try as hard as you could not to fall over down the run….this sounds super easy but trust me it wasn’t, even the pointy end skippers were having to concentrate a little bit today!

Race 6 was John T, John B and Buzzzzz, with John T taking 7 and 8 as well. 9 was John B with Tim Long second and Mick C third. ten to 16 were pretty much a clean sweep fro John T with Derek and Liz stealing a win apiece from him.

At the final reckoning it was John T taking a convincing win from John B by 21 points with Buzz a further 25 adrift of JB.  A mere 4 points separated third to sixth, with Liz in fourth, Wayne in fifth and Derek in sixth spot.


It was a similar story all through the fleet with 17th to 20th spots only 9 points apart after what can only be described as a tough days racing. It was however a lot of fun with lots of good natured banter going on through the fleet.

Tomorrow promises a lighter day which might see the DF95’s sporting a B rig but we’ll see. For now some results.



DF Racing TT Series, Round 4, Gosport – DF95

So Sunday dawned bright and sunnybut once again it looked like another challenging day for the 52 skippers that turned out and also the race team. However after the briefing and a little delay and some mark moving we actually had a good days racing which was held on the far bank at the Gosport lake.


The wind was from the North or North West for most of the day, it backed West at times and there was no question of using anything other than an A rig today, which was handy as they were all over the other side of the lake!

The courses today were zig zag up and down during the morning, followed by some nice windward, leeward courses during the afternoon. There was always a windshift when you didn’t really want there to be one, it always favoured the side of the course you weren’t on but hey ho that’s just the rub of the green.

Seeding races eventually kicked off, three fleets again saw three seeding races, winners being Tjakko, starting well after yesterdays win, newcomer Craig Richards and Tim “Snackers” Long who was having his first outing with his new “Wonkaboat”.

Race two saw newcomer Craig take the bullet from Alex Cory who took that as his best result of the day, as he struggled with boat issues, and Ken Binks in third spot. A couple more DF95 newcomers in the shapes of John Taylor and Shaun Priestley took the first two spots in race three followed by Buzz Coleman, fresh back from a holiday somewhere warm and sunny.

Race four saw Tjakko take the win from Buzzzzz and John Taylor. Buzzzzz took race five from returning skipper Adrian Tomlinson and John Tushingham. The final race of the day was possibly the best, it was a three lap dash with lots of shifty stuff to make gains on, or lose out on. Tushy won it from Buzzz by a length with snackers a couple of lengths further back.

A couple of mechanical maladies saw Uncle Derek take an early bath, a misbehaving receiver and winch putting the stoppers on any challenge today.

So today’s winner was Buzzzz who was top of the pile with ten points, Snackers took second spot eight points back, having done just enough to beat Tushy who was equal third with John Taylor just one point behind on 19. Yesterdays winner was fifth, newcomer Craig sixth, with Ken, Nigel Brown, Shaun and John Brierley rounding out the top ten. Points wise there wasn’t a whole heap in it and you could have thrown a damp tea towel over fifth to tenth.


It was the same story all the way back to the tail end of the fleet where there were battles going on all day and there are chunks of the fleet that are covered by five or ten points.


Huge thanks to the Gosport Club and the race team on both days for allowing us to turn up and hold some racing at one of the UK’s most iconic clubs. There were many volunteers on both days who quietly got on and made the whole thing work. Thanks guys, without you we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our racing quite so much. Thanks also to Chris Watts who had the hardest job of the weekend in setting courses and getting the racing underway as our PRO on both days, he made the best of what he was dealt and most of the time it was pretty good bearing in mind the terrible direction we had all weekend.

Next stop Birkenhead at the tail end of April.

I’ve written enough now, I’m off to bed!!


DF Racing TT Series, Round 3, Gosport – DF65

Well, Friday practice should have given us a clue to what might happen during Saturday’s racing. On arrival at the club at 0830 Saturday morning we were greeted by a pond full of lovely looking water, it was very flat, not a ripple on it and no breeze to speak of. The forecast was for 9 – 10mph from the North East clocking round to East….ish which is possibly the most tiresome direction for the organisers at the Gosport club.


After the briefing there was a short hold whilst the wind tried hard to fill in which it sort of did. We started the seeding race from the far end of the big lake which was the only real option, a triangle course was laid, relaid and the race began. The three seeding heats were won by Tjakko Keizer, newcomer Simon McCarthy and Uncle Derek in some very shifty conditions. DF65 National Champ Alex Cory took the second race followed by another newcomer, George Simmons in second spot and dad Keith in third. The third race was Tjakkos followed by local skipper Nigel Brown and yet another newcomer John Taylor. The fourth race took us to, and beyond lunch with C and B fleets sailing an increasingly challenging course at the bottom end of the lake with a break for lunch and then A fleet sailed another challenging course at the top end of the lake which was won by Simon with Derek and Tjakko in second and third spots.


The wind directions and the available control areas made for a really tough days sailing trying to spot your boat in what was usually a gaggle of boat at the top mark which was right over the other side of the pond in what was usually a very shifty bit of pond.

I guess you’re getting the script here, it was as difficult for the skippers as it was for the race team who worked very hard to give us the best possible course to race on. We had holds on starts as the wind shifted a good 60 – 80 degrees then re settled where it had started from.

Race 5 was Simon once again with Ken Binks in second and Tjakko in third.

The course was then moved back to the near bank at the top end as the wind died, moved and then returned. This, of course, made the top mark another strain for the eyes with a number of collisions causing issues throughout the fleet. John Tush took race six (he’s not been well you know) with Nigel second and Keith third.

We managed a seventh race which was to be the last of the day which saw Nigel, Alex and Tush take the top three spots.

A genuinely tough day at the office but with three fleets and little to no breeze the race team and the skippers did well to complete seven.

So the winner was……..Tjakko, newcomer Simon was just one point behind in second, Nigel was a point adrift in third, Alex was 4 points back in fourth, Derek and Tush were a couple more behind in fifth and sixth with Ken in seventh, newcomers George and John Taylor finished eighth and ninth with Wayne Stobbs rounding out the top ten.


Top Three


Newcomers to the top ten…Welcome!

I’m certainly looking forward to a beer or two after a shower to warm me up, it’s been a chilly day, there have been a good number of Southern skippers sporting “big coats” even I had to add a layer today.


Tomorrow promises similar but the sun might be out and we’ve another ten skippers as well.

DF Racing TT Series, Round 2, West Lancs YC – DF95


Just one Sue photo today, it was too cold to be out taking photos!

Once again there was an element of surprise this morning as the assembled skippers were greeted by another dose of “hard” water, perhaps a bit harder than yesterdays water too. Luckily Alan was on hand in the ice breaking rescue boat and after a half hour or so of blatting around the lake with varying degrees of crunching he had broken the majority of the ice into tiny bits and we were ready to go racing.

Race officer Tushingham was in charge today and after a briefing and some course setting the 35 skippers were ready to go racing. As yesterday we were in two fleets but the course was a tricky beat out into the lake with a difficult windward mark and spreader which caused issues throughout the day for both fleets.

So, top rig equipped the fleets took to the water for the seeding race which saw Derek take up where he left off yesterday and Dave Burke take the win.

Race two saw the racing take the usual A & B fleet form with the top six from B fleet being promoted to A fleet and then the bottom six from the A fleet race being demoted back to B fleet. A tough bouncy day for some skippers who braved the cold more than anyone.Peter Baldwin took the win with Dave Burke looking strong in second with Mark Dicks in third spot.

Race three saw Derek take the win from Tim Long and John Brierley.

The sun was out and began to make the difficult windward mark even harder for the skippers, it was a long way out and difficult to judge the layline, you either overstood by a country mile or you tacked too early, didn’t make it, tacked again onto port and collected the starboard boats. The key to success in these conditions was to go with the overstand and foot off and blast round the windward mark usually leaving a muddle of boats behind you.

By race four most had realised that this was the case and learning from the previous race John Brierley took the win from a somewhat off colour Buzzzzzz Coleman and Ken Binks.

By now the wind had begun to clock round and getting a clean start was becoming a very important part of your race and if you could find clear air you were winning. Derek did this in race five having recovered from B fleet with Dave and Tim not far behind in second and third.

Race six was one of two halves, the B fleet sailed the original course however it wasn’t right so PRO Tushy made the decision to move the course to the bank outside the clubhouse, a good call indeed, it made sighting everything just that bit easier for all involved. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and perhaps if the course had been shifted over the lunch break we might have got to eight races and two discards rather than just seven and one. No matter, the new course was good and the wind was building…..why is this always the way, the best sailing is always at the end of the day!

Ken took the line from JB and Dave Burke.

The final race of the day saw the wind build even more during the B heat, boats fell over, people couldn’t tack and the wind didn’t leave us for the A fleet either, PRO Tush even gave the fleet 5 minutes to change rigs if they wanted to. A couple did and it really paid for Gordon Bailiff who scored a 4th place finish in the last race of the day. Derek, Peter and Chris More, also sporting a B suit took the top three spots.

So that was it, an earlier finish to Sunday’s racing to allow the travellers to do just that, and with skippers from all corners of the UK, from Scotland to Gosport and Abersoch to East Kent I reckon we had it covered.

With four wins it was Derek that took the day but only on countback from John Brierley as they were both tied on 18 points. a handful of points behind these two was Tim Long in third on 25 with Dave Burke in fourth spot one 29 and Peter Baldwin just one point adrift on 30. Full results below.

DFTT Round #2 - DF95 @ WLYC

Talking of ties there were no less than 5 points ties on today’s score sheet, testament to the class ethos of close racing.

More thanks to West Lancs YC who have delivered in spades this weekend, they overcame two mornings of frozen lake, kept us fed and watered and generally offered us the usual warm welcome that they always do when we call in for some racing.

Did I mention it was cold……..

Next stop is Gosport in March. Entry is open on the MYA website, I’ll post the details on this site very soon.

DF Racing TT Series, Round 1, West Lancs YC – DF65


So there are many things that you’d expect from a trip to West Lancs, great hospitality, a superb lunch from the galley, some great racing and one or two other things besides. However on arrival at the club this morning for the first round of the DF Racing UK TT Series we certainly weren’t expecting to find a frozen lake and no breeze.

Hard water and no breeze…..bother!

As it turned out the “hard” water was actually more slushy water but in the end it was the lack of breeze that held up the racing on what turned out to be a really rather nice February day. Although it was initially a chilly start the sun shone brightly and warmed things up and by 10am we managed a briefing to explain the delay. As John Tushingham finished his quick chat to the fleet about boat prep the club wind indicator started spinning, albeit slowly, and the breeze started to appear.

35 boats pitched up for the racing and after a reasonable delay PRO Tim Long had a starboard rounding course set and by 10.50am we were ready to hold the seeding race. Much like last season it was the usual suspects at the front with Derek Priestley and Buzz Coleman winning the two heats. The wind was forecast to clock round through the day so there was some course faff which was sorted out by Alan and Colin who braved the cold and spent much time moving marks throughout the day. A quick tweak after the seeding race and a reschedule of the heat board by the ever efficient Judith and we were off with races two and three which Buzz took with Nigel Brown in second spot and Derek and John tush taking third spots.

A fleet action

Another course tweak and races 4 and 5 saw Derek in top spot with John Brierley and Ken Binks taking seconds and Mick “ooh have you seen my new car” Chamberlain and JT taking thirds. With the wind still clocking slightly we had another tweak of the course which allowed more traditional port roundings possible and this made it a little better again and we were into race 6 where Buzz was back at the top once more with JB and JT in second and third.

It wasn’t until race 7 that JT found his mojo and took a race win from Derek and JB and it was to be his only win of the day. Perhaps he hadn’t had enough red wine on Friday evening, maybe breakfast didn’t fill him up, whatever it was it seemed that JT was having a rare off day. Race 8 saw Derek at the top of the pile with Nigel in second and Buzzzzzzz in third.

The final race, 9, saw JB take a win with Lincoln’s Dave Burke in second and Peter Baldwin in third spot to round off the day.

In the end it was Derek that took the win from Buzz by just a single point, 14 to 15, JB sailed a solid day to finish third on 23 points with JT in fourth on…..wait for it ……..23 points. Fifth spot was Nigel on…..23 points too, some epic countback for those three spots.

As ever in the DF65 fleet the close racing was all the way up and down the fleet, with my personal highlight being Ralph Wilkinson sailing an amazing B fleet race and making it up to A fleet, not too shabby for someone who is 83 years of age.

B Fleet action

Thanks indeed to Judith who ran the fleetboard and made my day as PRO a reasonably painless one, thanks to Colin and Alan in the course boat, lots of mark moving and re laying. The final thanks go to all those skippers who braved the weather to come and enjoy a days racing, it was fun, so much so that we’ll have another go tomorrow when we crank up the DF95 fleet for the first time in 2019 with another 30 odd skippers due to appear lakeside.

But first it’s an evening at a local hostelry for a few sherberts with friends old and new.

And finally, you’ll see we have some lovely pictures of people and boats, these are courtesy of the ever lovely Sue Brown, yey Sue photos again, thanks Sue!

Full HMS results below.