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DF Racing TT Series Overall Results to Round 2

So after a baltic weekend up North in Southport we have already had 42 competitors get involved, see how everyone is getting along  overall results to the end of round two are posted below.

DF Racing TT Series, Round 2, West Lancs YC – DF95


Just one Sue photo today, it was too cold to be out taking photos!

Once again there was an element of surprise this morning as the assembled skippers were greeted by another dose of “hard” water, perhaps a bit harder than yesterdays water too. Luckily Alan was on hand in the ice breaking rescue boat and after a half hour or so of blatting around the lake with varying degrees of crunching he had broken the majority of the ice into tiny bits and we were ready to go racing.

Race officer Tushingham was in charge today and after a briefing and some course setting the 35 skippers were ready to go racing. As yesterday we were in two fleets but the course was a tricky beat out into the lake with a difficult windward mark and spreader which caused issues throughout the day for both fleets.

So, top rig equipped the fleets took to the water for the seeding race which saw Derek take up where he left off yesterday and Dave Burke take the win.

Race two saw the racing take the usual A & B fleet form with the top six from B fleet being promoted to A fleet and then the bottom six from the A fleet race being demoted back to B fleet. A tough bouncy day for some skippers who braved the cold more than anyone.Peter Baldwin took the win with Dave Burke looking strong in second with Mark Dicks in third spot.

Race three saw Derek take the win from Tim Long and John Brierley.

The sun was out and began to make the difficult windward mark even harder for the skippers, it was a long way out and difficult to judge the layline, you either overstood by a country mile or you tacked too early, didn’t make it, tacked again onto port and collected the starboard boats. The key to success in these conditions was to go with the overstand and foot off and blast round the windward mark usually leaving a muddle of boats behind you.

By race four most had realised that this was the case and learning from the previous race John Brierley took the win from a somewhat off colour Buzzzzzz Coleman and Ken Binks.

By now the wind had begun to clock round and getting a clean start was becoming a very important part of your race and if you could find clear air you were winning. Derek did this in race five having recovered from B fleet with Dave and Tim not far behind in second and third.

Race six was one of two halves, the B fleet sailed the original course however it wasn’t right so PRO Tushy made the decision to move the course to the bank outside the clubhouse, a good call indeed, it made sighting everything just that bit easier for all involved. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and perhaps if the course had been shifted over the lunch break we might have got to eight races and two discards rather than just seven and one. No matter, the new course was good and the wind was building…..why is this always the way, the best sailing is always at the end of the day!

Ken took the line from JB and Dave Burke.

The final race of the day saw the wind build even more during the B heat, boats fell over, people couldn’t tack and the wind didn’t leave us for the A fleet either, PRO Tush even gave the fleet 5 minutes to change rigs if they wanted to. A couple did and it really paid for Gordon Bailiff who scored a 4th place finish in the last race of the day. Derek, Peter and Chris More, also sporting a B suit took the top three spots.

So that was it, an earlier finish to Sunday’s racing to allow the travellers to do just that, and with skippers from all corners of the UK, from Scotland to Gosport and Abersoch to East Kent I reckon we had it covered.

With four wins it was Derek that took the day but only on countback from John Brierley as they were both tied on 18 points. a handful of points behind these two was Tim Long in third on 25 with Dave Burke in fourth spot one 29 and Peter Baldwin just one point adrift on 30. Full results below.

DFTT Round #2 - DF95 @ WLYC

Talking of ties there were no less than 5 points ties on today’s score sheet, testament to the class ethos of close racing.

More thanks to West Lancs YC who have delivered in spades this weekend, they overcame two mornings of frozen lake, kept us fed and watered and generally offered us the usual warm welcome that they always do when we call in for some racing.

Did I mention it was cold……..

Next stop is Gosport in March. Entry is open on the MYA website, I’ll post the details on this site very soon.

DF Racing TT Series, Round 1, West Lancs YC – DF65


So there are many things that you’d expect from a trip to West Lancs, great hospitality, a superb lunch from the galley, some great racing and one or two other things besides. However on arrival at the club this morning for the first round of the DF Racing UK TT Series we certainly weren’t expecting to find a frozen lake and no breeze.

Hard water and no breeze…..bother!

As it turned out the “hard” water was actually more slushy water but in the end it was the lack of breeze that held up the racing on what turned out to be a really rather nice February day. Although it was initially a chilly start the sun shone brightly and warmed things up and by 10am we managed a briefing to explain the delay. As John Tushingham finished his quick chat to the fleet about boat prep the club wind indicator started spinning, albeit slowly, and the breeze started to appear.

35 boats pitched up for the racing and after a reasonable delay PRO Tim Long had a starboard rounding course set and by 10.50am we were ready to hold the seeding race. Much like last season it was the usual suspects at the front with Derek Priestley and Buzz Coleman winning the two heats. The wind was forecast to clock round through the day so there was some course faff which was sorted out by Alan and Colin who braved the cold and spent much time moving marks throughout the day. A quick tweak after the seeding race and a reschedule of the heat board by the ever efficient Judith and we were off with races two and three which Buzz took with Nigel Brown in second spot and Derek and John tush taking third spots.

A fleet action

Another course tweak and races 4 and 5 saw Derek in top spot with John Brierley and Ken Binks taking seconds and Mick “ooh have you seen my new car” Chamberlain and JT taking thirds. With the wind still clocking slightly we had another tweak of the course which allowed more traditional port roundings possible and this made it a little better again and we were into race 6 where Buzz was back at the top once more with JB and JT in second and third.

It wasn’t until race 7 that JT found his mojo and took a race win from Derek and JB and it was to be his only win of the day. Perhaps he hadn’t had enough red wine on Friday evening, maybe breakfast didn’t fill him up, whatever it was it seemed that JT was having a rare off day. Race 8 saw Derek at the top of the pile with Nigel in second and Buzzzzzzz in third.

The final race, 9, saw JB take a win with Lincoln’s Dave Burke in second and Peter Baldwin in third spot to round off the day.

In the end it was Derek that took the win from Buzz by just a single point, 14 to 15, JB sailed a solid day to finish third on 23 points with JT in fourth on…..wait for it ……..23 points. Fifth spot was Nigel on…..23 points too, some epic countback for those three spots.

As ever in the DF65 fleet the close racing was all the way up and down the fleet, with my personal highlight being Ralph Wilkinson sailing an amazing B fleet race and making it up to A fleet, not too shabby for someone who is 83 years of age.

B Fleet action

Thanks indeed to Judith who ran the fleetboard and made my day as PRO a reasonably painless one, thanks to Colin and Alan in the course boat, lots of mark moving and re laying. The final thanks go to all those skippers who braved the weather to come and enjoy a days racing, it was fun, so much so that we’ll have another go tomorrow when we crank up the DF95 fleet for the first time in 2019 with another 30 odd skippers due to appear lakeside.

But first it’s an evening at a local hostelry for a few sherberts with friends old and new.

And finally, you’ll see we have some lovely pictures of people and boats, these are courtesy of the ever lovely Sue Brown, yey Sue photos again, thanks Sue!

Full HMS results below.