2022 was another stellar year for the DF TT series . Lots of new faces, lots of good racing and plenty of great social. 2023 looks like it might just be the same but with a little bit of a format change for a few of the weekends and also the week long DF95 Globals to be held at Fleetwood. Who could want more? Maybe some three day Nationals….ok it’s done!

Below is a list of the dates and format for the 2023 season. As we get details from clubs we’ll post NoR’s and info on specific event pages as we’ve done before.

Hope to see you on the racecourse soon.

DF TT Dates 23

A Note on Entry Numbers for DF TT Events.

It has become clear with the entry numbers for our 2022 season opener that the DF TT series is gaining popularity as we have plenty of entries for both days. With the upcoming DF95 Globals in 2023 here in the UK and our qualification process set out it could be that there are lots of UK skippers looking for a spot at the event which in turn will add extra pressure to the single day DF95 TT events.

To allow every skipper a fair chance of getting to the Globals our Race Officer has decided to issue some sensible yet simple explanations on how the remaining single day DF Racing UK 2022 TT events will be managed. 

  1. Entries for all single day DF Racing UK 2022 TT events will be capped at 60 skippers which allows for three fleets under HMS.
  2. Entries to all DF Racing UK 2022 TT events will be on a first come first served basis. Essentially if you forget to enter and the event is at capacity you’ve missed your chance and will need to add your name to a waiting list for that event.

This may well not be a problem at some venues however where there are strong local fleets of both DF classes Tushy thought it prudent to keep the racing to three fleets thus giving skippers a chance of the most number of races.

We hope to organise a few single class weekend events for the 2023 calendar which would support larger entries for two days of racing.


DF Racing Global Regatta 2023 – Fleetwood.

We’ve got a dedicated page with some preliminary information about this upcoming event and how you might get a spot as a UK skipper. Click here to take a look.

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