DF Racing ICA Update

Afternoon folks, so some of us are back at the pondside trying to remember what to do and how to do it after a winter layoff. I guess it’s like the olden days when dinghy clubs took a winter break!

Anyhow, behind the scenes there has been a lot of great work done by a working group to format and sort out how the DF Racing International Class Association should be started and run. The work started just after the DF95 Globals in November 2018 and the working group have shared their progress over the last few years.

They are now ready to crack on some more and are ready for the next stage of the process. There is plenty of good work going on and you can view the progress over on the DF Racing World website – Clicky here to take a look.

DF95 Nationals Update

Morning Folks, hope we are all perky on this Sunday morning. Just a quick note to let you know that the DF95 Nationals NoR has been updated due to the unprecedented entry numbers. This now means that you’ll get three full days of racing at the championship which can only be good news!

Check out the updated NoR and entry list by clicking here.

Nationals Entries Updated

Get your act together if you want to go to the DF95 Nationals, there’s only a few spots left with over 70 skippers entered so far.

The DF65 Nationals at Poole are filling up too with nearly 40 entries so far. If you are planning on going get an entry in soon as there is also an Airshow that weekend which will put some strain on the local accommodation.

Check out the relevant event pages for current entry lists.

DF95 Nationals

DF65 Nationals

Like Buses

Hot on the heels of the entry opening for the DF95 Nationals, now over 60 by the way, we have had a smoke signal from the guys down at Poole RYC with a NoR and word that the MYA online entry should be open from this morning.

We’ve got an event page sorted so clicky here and have a look.

Entries Flooding in…be quick!

We’re up to 50 entries already within four days of opening the entry for the DF95 Nationals. As predicted the promise of some great racing at a fantastic venue has stirred people into action and given fifty skippers something to look forward to at the back end of September.

You could win this trophy but you’ll have to prise it from Tushy’s cold dead hands first…….(only kidding he’s alive and well)

If you haven’t already got your entry in then crack on otherwise you could miss out. For a full entry list and details of how to enter the event please head over to the event page by clicking here.

This is Not a Drill…..

Morning Folks, and a very good morning it is too. Not only has the sun shone all weekend but we’ve got big news!

DF95’s at Fleetwood back in 2019 – Photo – Sue Brown

Last year, due to the old ‘Rona, we didn’t manage more than one of our TT events and neither of our two National Championships. None of this was anyone’s fault, it was pure circumstance but it did lead to a rather miserable year. I even took to packing the van at one point, just for something to do and it’s entirely possible that some of the gear is still in there!

Anyhow, I digress….the big news I hear you ask, what is it? Well, with Boris telling us that we’ll be able to meet up for hugs and beers after the 21st June (all being well) and with most of us having been stabbed in the arm by then the guys up at Fleetwood MYPBC are so confident that the 2021 DF95 Nationals will be able to go ahead that they have sorted out an NoR and opened the entry for the event. Whilst we are all rather pleased that there is now something to look forward to please take time to read the NoR as there is a possibility of limited entry numbers and even cancellation. Hopefully neither of these things will be required and it will be a fuss free event at the prestigious Lancashire club.

MYA President and Fleetwood member Derek Priestley is looking forward to welcoming you to the event which runs over four days from 23 – 26 September. ” Here at Fleetwood MYPBC we are excited to be able to open the entry for the 2021 DF95 Nationals which we couldn’t hold last year. We are looking forward to a bumper entry of skippers from the UK and beyond and we are as confident as we can be that the event will run as it should do without restrictions. I have organised the wind to be straight down the lake, we’ll have blue skies and champagne sailing conditions” Derek said when I spoke with him last week.

So how do you get involved? Well the online entry is open on the MYA website and we’ve sorted out a page on this website to keep you up to date with the entries as they come in as well as any other information that we think you might need.

Click here to take a look at the event page.

Last Push

We’re nearly there, just one day left to cast your votes in the DF Racing UK 2021 AGM.

We have had nearly 140 votes so far this year which rates as our best turnout. It is still a very low turnout of voters, there are roughly 1700 members of the DF Racing UK Class Association, it literally takes 2 minutes to cast your votes, we don’t need any complicated info like you inside leg measurement and we don’t need your bank details or pin number either. It’s a few clicks of the mouse.

Cast your votes….it’s your Association.

Don’t Forget!

Hello Folks and a Happy New Year to you all. You’ll perhaps remember that we’ve got the DF Racing UK AGM going on at the moment. You had a mail from Wayne last week in which Chairman Jim suggested you should get voting.

So I’m here this week to tell you the same and throw some stats at you. So, the voting email went out to 1700 people, of those 1700 more the 950 have opened the email and from there we’ve had more than 120 people voting.

It would be great to have more people voting in the AGM, it’s your association so please crack on, open the email, click the link and get voting.

The last date for voting is in six days on the 10th February, so time is running out for you to have your say.

In other news….well, there isn’t really any at the moment. Poole RYC and Fleetwood MYPBC are busy preparing for the DF65 and DF95 National Championships in September. We are still unable to begin preparing any other sailing dates yet as the UK is still locked down and there seems to be little or no information about the way out of the lockdown. As soon as we are able to we’ll get on and arrange some events but they are likely to be low key affairs which offer something local rather than anything too grand.

We’ll get there folks, back to the pondside for some sailing, followed by a pub serving cold beers and good food for a debrief…..we’ll get there!

AGM Time Once Again

So we are at that time of year once again where we need to inform you all of our upcoming DF Racing UK AGM. There is nothing ground breaking this year. As you’ll all be well aware the pandemic halted all our events other than local club sailing.

Full details of the AGM are available here – clicky clicky!