Two Islands Report


After another blast home across the country followed by some Chinese food, another good nights kip and a bit of work we have a report on the weekend just gone at Two Islands RYC. If you weren’t there you really did miss out!

Check out the results page for a full rundown.


Two Islands day 2

Familiar story, some wind, very shifty, you could be hero to zero in less than half the beat, however it paid to play the averages. 32 skippers, at least three brand new (well done) JT first with the Priestley father and son team in second and third. Another great day by a pond with your mates. Results below, hopefully more of an HMS sheet soon. Thanks for having us Two Islands, another event to remember.

Two Islands day 1

Not too much detail because we don’t have it, however the sun shone, there was wind, not a lot at times, but it was there and gave us some great racing. 29 skippers all finished the event in good spirits. Unsurprisingly JT won the day, results below, 95’s tomorrow.

Two Islands TT – Final Call

We are less than a week away from the event at Two Islands RYC. The entry is looking good and the weather looks like it might just be in our favour too….who knows?

There is still plenty of time to get an entry in, it would be good for the organisers to know who is attending and they request that you send your entry to them by the 7th June.

Details of how to enter are on the event page – clicky here to take a look.

Two Islands TT

Don’t forget we are now less than 2 weeks out from the next DF Racing TT event which is being held at Two Islands RYC in Milton Keynes over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of June. We have been allowed to sail on the hotel side once again which makes parking, sailing and spectating much easier for all involved.

Please check out the event page by clicking here and get your entry in as soon as you can to help out the organisers.

DF65 Nationals Report


Lots of writing I’m afraid, so get yourself a brew and sit down, strap in and get reading all about the great weekend we all had at the 2018 DF65 Nationals at Gosport. I’m afraid there aren’t many sailing pictures but here is one from Skipper Len Buurman, cheers Len! Check out the Results page for the full report.


Final Tally….briefly!

Coming to you direct from the car park at Warwick services on the M40. Results from the DF65 Nationals which concluded today at Gosport. Another good day of sailing seeing some skippers do themselves proud and others struggling with the marine life once again.

Alex Cory showed us all how it should be done with Uncle Derek in second and Buzz in third.

I’ll post a more detailed report later in the week but for now the results and a mug shot of the winner, good job Alex.

I’m back on the road now for the next instalment!