2020 Major Events News

Unless you’ve been under a stone for the last month you’ll no doubt be aware that there are a couple of pretty major events happening in 2020.


DF95 Garda action 2019. Photo Sue Brown

First up is the DF95 European Regatta which, once again, is happening at the great Lake Garda venue at Campione. The 2019 event attracted a good few competitors from a number of countries and overall the event went off well.

To encourage more skippers to attend the 2020 event has been pushed back a little and will now take place between 15th & 17th May. This should ensure that the temperature is a little more acceptable for the competitors. This event makes up one round of the 2020 DF Racing UK TT series and the NoR has been published on our Events page.

There is also an event website which will keep you bang up to date with what’s going on. Clicky here to take a look.


Looks like a nice place for a DF65 get together….

Later on in the year, in early September, we are all gearing up for the second DF Racing Global Championship. This time the event is featuring the DF65 and is being held in Sweden, about an hour South of Stockholm.

There is already a lot of interest in the event which takes place from 6th – 11th September. The Swedes are keen to get as many skippers involved however the entry is limited to 70 skippers. Although there are currently 74 registered skippers it is worth getting yourself on the list if you fancy a trip

If this event is half as good as the 2018 Globals in Texas…well,  we are in for a treat!

Check out the event website by clicking here.

New Class Captain

It is with a certain amount of sadness that we are writing to inform you that Keith Coxon, founding DF Racing Class Captain, has decided to stand down from this role. He will continue in his role as Chairman until the 2020 AGM.

We would like to offer him our sincere thanks for all the good work he has done during his tenure and we wish him all the best for the future. I’m sure we’ll see you around Keith!

This left hole in the committee, however after much discussion (some of it wine fueled) we have co-opted Jim La Roche as our new Class Captain. Jim will be nominated for election at the upcoming AGM, details of which will be available soon.

We think Jim fits the bill well, he travels well, enjoys the odd glass of red wine and is well up to speed with both the DF65 and DF95 classes having competed in the TT series for some years.

Hopefully you guys will welcome Jim to the role and offer him your support.


Jim enjoying a glass of wine…..

Brownie Points Season

DF Racing 2020…..a bigger crowd than this……probably!

So we’ve completed the 2019 season and rather than being down in the dumps about it we’ve been busy organising the 2020 race calendar, well at least Tushy has! It’s all confirmed and it’s now time for you to get on with earning those brownie points that will allow you to get involved in 2020. The racing will be a little different next year with several single boat events over a weekend to allow the bigger fleets we have seen to get a decent amount of racing in. We also have another away weekend with the DF95 at Lake Garda, an event that was well worth the visit last year. Dates for the Nationals are all included in the calendar including the newly formatted three day DF95 Nationals at Fleetwood.

Anyhow, take a look by clicking here.

Fleetwood Report & Overall Scores


You might have thought that the last event of the season would go out with a whimper rather than a bang, quite the opposite in fact, lots of great racing, plenty of amusing social and hey presto the season is over.

I’ve written a report, Sue has taken some photos, Peter has compiled the results, fancy taking a look at how it all played out? Clicky here to have a read. There will be an end of season overall report to come later this week.

Fleetwood DF95 Racing

So today was a day of a single half. The wind came out of the pump house corner all day in varying strengths and with slight variations in direction.

Whilst the course wasn’t champagne Fleetwood it was quite a good vintage and led to some close racing.

After four races it was Shaun Priestley at the top trailed by Buzz and Tim.

By the end of the day it was still Shaun at the top and Tim in third spot but Buzz had been replaced by John Brierley who sailed an excellent afternoon.

Results, right way up today, below along with the top five mugshots.

Full weekend and overall report coming early next week.

Fleetwood DF65 Results

So it was a day of many halves, first we had just about enough wind to get started, so we did, then it went away and came back from another direction, then it went away again, then it came back from another direction and got up a bit for the last race.

Derek and his great race team made the best of the conditions and allowed us to get eight races in on perhaps four different courses, no small task!

In the end it was Shaun Priestley who took the day by 0.7 of a point from John Brierley with Ken Binks in third spot a handful of points behind. The top six were separated by less than ten points once again showing how close the racing is in this class.

Sideways results and the top five rogues gallery below.

Last day of school tomorrow!