Globals Report

My head doesn’t hurt any more, I drank more than anyone but didn’t collect the complimentary Covid from the closing dinner. I’ve written a bit of a report based on what I remember.

Check out the Results 23 page for a read. You might need a brew and there aren’t any pictures because they are somewhere else! Enjoy.

Housekeeping & Good Luck!

Team GBR ready to go

So, firstly, if you are applying for a DF sail number over the next few weeks please do not expect a number to be issued until Monday 22nd May. Jen, our hard working registrar, is heading to Fleetwood for the DF95 Global Championships along with 77 other skippers. As such there will be no numbers issued whilst the Championships are running.

We should also take this opportunity to wish our Team GBR skippers the best of luck at the event. Defending champ John Tushingham has the advantage of knowing the pond but he’s got some seriously tough skippers coming to take up the Fleetwood challenge. It’s sure to be a great event and I’ll try and post as much as possible to the site during the event.

There is a Facebook site for the event which can be found with a search on that platform, most of the event media and results will appear there.

We’ve also seen that the NoR’s for the Manor Park TT in mid June have been posted on the MYA website, we’ve added an event page for this with all the details of how to enter. Click here to take a look.


At the upcoming DF95 Globals there will be an AGM for the DFICA (DF International Class Association) who will be looking to approve a few rule changes surrounding the advertising code for DF’s and also a few other small changes that need to be made to the rules after some interpretations have been made over the last 12 months.

Please take a look at the ICA AGM 2023 page for more details and get in touch as directed if you have genuine concerns regarding the changes.

Eastbourne DF95 Weekend

I didn’t get any communication from Eastbourne about this, and I have had a bit on recently so it slipped my mind as well. However, there is a full weekend of DF95 racing this weekend at Eastbourne in preparation for the upcoming DF95 Globals which kicks off in a few weeks from now.

There is still time to enter the event but you’ll need to be quick as it closes tomorrow. Full details click here.

Lincoln Weekend Roundup and full results

DF95’s @ Lincoln RSC – Photo Sue Brown

It seems that the Lincoln RSC crew are well on the ball and have written a report for the weekend just gone and have posted it on their website.It’s a great report and tells you all that you need to know about the weekend activities. No need for me to try and remember what went on…which is good news!

Check out the report and results by clicking here.

Full series results also available on our results page – Click here to take a look.

Saturday Results

A chilly day by the side of the pond at Scotland Farm but as ever we got a warm welcome from the Lincoln club. 40 ish skippers took part and congratulations to Buzz Coleman who won the day in style. Results below.

Lincoln Weekend Incoming

It’s nearly the end of hump day, you’re almost on the way to the end of the week, it’s time to think about charging batteries and prepping boats for the next few rounds of the DF Racing UK TT series which happens this weekend at Lincoln RSC.

Nearly 60 skippers have entered and it promises to be a great weekend hosted by Mick and the Lincoln RSC crew.

The weather looks a little on the chilly and damp side for Friday practice and Saturday but drier on Sunday but still chilly so pack yourself some warm clobber as there is little in the way of shelter at the pondside.

Also, if you remember bring yourself a mug for tea and coffee and save a tree or two in paper cups.

Good luck to all those competing, we’ll see you pondside over the next couple of days.

A note from Lincoln RSC

We’ve had a note from the Lincoln club who are the hosts of the next rounds of the DF racing 2023 TT series. The event is in a couple of weeks and if you are there then you need to read the post and if you aren’t yet there then you need to hurry up and get your entry in.!

DF65 and DF95 Skippers

The next rounds of the DF TT are due to take place at Lincoln Radio Sailing Club on 1st and 2nd April 2023.

As at today, we have 20 spaces left for the DF65 on the Saturday and only 8 left for the DF95 on the Sunday. 

So if you want to join us head off to the MYA events calendar and get your entry in.

This is a message from Mr Derek Priestley the MYA President:

Saturday Evening Banquet                                                                                                        

Micky Boy Chamberlin has arranged for everyone to meet for dinner in the (heated) Marquee at the Railway Inn, Station Road, Thorpe-on-the Hill, Lincoln LN6 9BS on the Saturday evening of the Lincoln TT weekend.

After dinner, we will be presenting all the GBR skippers who will be racing in the DF Global Championship at Fleetwood in May, with an MYA shirt to wear at the event opening ceremony.
We hope that all 26 GBR skippers for the Globals will attend this TT event and that all people present at the TT event will come to dinner and wish them well.

Many thanks.

Derek Priestley 


As meals have to be pre-ordered with The Railway, if you haven’t got your order in and wish to join us, please contact Jen Hand email before 24th March 2023 for a copy of the menu.