Online Entry Open + Big News

Just a quick note about the online entry for Rounds 1 & 2 of the 2021 TT series. It’s open on the MYA site, links from the event page.

In other news there have been exciting things happening on the International Class Association front. A week or so ago there was a meeting of the founding members of the ICA who elected Executive committee members and discussed a few bits and bobs. There is a more detailed account available on the .world website, clicky here to take a look.

2021 TT Series Kick Off…hopefully

Hopefully lots more of this coming up…socially distanced obviously!

A cautious approach from the DF Racing UK committee has seen an 18 month period with no organised TT events. We did try a couple of things later last year but it wasn’t to be. So we’ve held our nerve until now and are reasonably confident that we’ll be able to serve up a back half of 2021 packed with DF yacht racing. First up we’ve got an event at Weecher on the 24th and 25th July and the full details are available by clicking here.

Then we are in Poole in early September for the DF65 Nationals, followed at the back end of September by the DF95 Nationals at Fleetwood. Second weekend in October we are heading South to Eastbourne and we finish the shortened season back up North at West Lancs in early November, a firm favourite.

We’ll update event pages as we get NoR’s for the remaining events at Eastbourne and West Lancs. Fingers crossed we’ll catch you pondside before too long.

Rules and Stuff

So, we’ve had a communication from the current rules committee who have sent us some new DF65 and DF95 rules documents which clarify a number of things that have come up since the last revisions, including the repair situation.

“The current DF Rules Committee have been hard at work collating and assessing all the small rule changes that have suggested for both classes, as well as making some larger, fundamental changes ahead of handing the rules over to the new DF International Class Rules Sub-committee. The new DF65 Rules (version 1.7) & DF95 Rules (Version 1.3) can be found under the relevant class headings on the website along with supporting diagrams where necessary.

There are two versions of each class rules available. A straight copy of the Rules and a version which highlights the changes and gives some explanation as why they have been introduced.

The main changes you should look at cover ‘Repairs’ (65 & 95) which try to clarify what is an acceptable repair to the minority of hulls that show cracking around the finbox. This issue is being worked on by the designers and the Licensed Builder, but for now this new rule defines the extent of the repair. The battery Pack rule now defines the positions of battery packs and many smaller changes covering items such as the Winch Line Clips etc.

The DF65 rules have been updated to bring the wording and definitions inline with the DF95 rules, mainly on the subject of Sail Numbering, which now removes the reference to the RG65 class rules. In the Sails section the Mainsail Foot Profiles are defined using a published template rather than the slightly vague ‘fair curve’  description in the old rules.

None of the changes should should affect existing boats, they have been made for added clarity and greater commonality between the two DF classes.

As ever, the most important Rule (A.5 Spirit of the Rules) should be your guiding light.

Good Sailing all.

John Tushingham”