Travellers Series 2021 – Rounds 1 & 2 Keighley & District MES @ Weecher 24th & 25th July

DF Racing UK TT Series 2021 Rounds 1 & 2, Keighley & District MES @ Weecher.

Weecher Res calm & sunny!

So it looks like we could be back in the game here. Having had a TT free 18 months it is time to get back to it. We figured a wide open space was a good place to get started and there is no better wide open space than Weecher up on the moors. Big views, big skies and often big winds await those of you looking to get back to some racing.

The wind will blow and the sun will shine on us as we are yachting in God’s own Country where you’ll be welcomed like a King or Queen. Well worth the journey North for you Southerners but you’ll probably want to pack your “Big Coat” as it could be chilly!

As usual there is little point in us re listing all the details and you’ll find the NoR’s for each day and the online entry details listed below. At the time of publishing (20.00 Friday evening) the MYA online entry isn’t open, that will happen asap and we’ll post the link below.

There are two details that are worthy of note however. First up, the event might get canned, if it does we’ll be on to those entered to make sure they are aware of the cancellation as soon as we are made aware of it. Hopefully not though. Second is clubhouse access, it might be that we aren’t allowed inside other than for toilet stops, so make sure you’ve got clothes, more clothes and a coat for backup as even in July it can be a bit chilly.

NoR for DF65 racing on Saturday is here – NOR 2021 DF TT Round 1 (DF65)

NoR for DF95 racing on Sunday is here – NOR 2021 DF TT Round 2 (DF95)

MYA Online Entry for DF65 – Clicky here.

MYA Online Entry for DF95 – Clicky here.

Entry List DF65

Tim Long Abersoch RYC GBR199

Entry List DF95

Tim Long Abersoch RYC GBR 199