Keighley pop up DF95 Open

Like junkies searching in vain for their next fix the drive over was spent scanning the horizon for the merest hints of wind. Windmills not turning, quivering leaves on the trees not quivering, smoke rising straight up… oh oh, is that, is that a bit of ripple on that pond? Ah **** it, there’s naff all, who we kidding, shall we just go home?

But luckily we pushed through those cold turkey wind sweats and scored just enough of the good stuff for 13 races and to play out the tale of the 2 Shauns..

Shaun Priestley sailed the infamous Darkside in to first place in his first event in the class and then Shaun Holbeche, who built his boat this week, plopped it in the water on Sunday and took a 1st, 2nd, 1st in the first 3 races and scored a second overall! Well done both those men!

Here are the final results and there was a bit of a miscalculation with the discards when the results were announced in shed, which means Derek Priestley pipped John Tushingham for 3rd.

  • 1st Shaun Priestley 25pts
  • 2nd Shaun Holbeche 31pts
  • 3rd Derek Priestley 38pts
  • 4th John Tushingham 40pts
  • 5th Tim Long 53pts
  • 6th Tim Lanigan 54pts
  • 7th Chris More 61pts
  • 8th Mick Parkington 67pts
  • 9th Liz Tushingham 95pts
  • 10th Tommy Mills 95pts
  • 11th Graham Allen 125pts
  • 12th Eric Reid 127pts
  • 13th Sue Parkington 129pts
  • 14th Martin Hallums 138pts
  • 15th Ashley 166pts
  • 16th John Bellerby 174pts

Here’s the results sheet for forensic analysis:


And because we were all having too much fun sailing and not taking pictures of the boats, here is a picture of a cottage pie. It was lovely if you’re wondering.


See you all in Lincoln 🙂

DF95 Rules Update, Now Running V1.2…….

Afternoon everyone, since its entry into the radio sailing world the DF95 has had it’s own bespoke set of restricted class rules which have served it well and allowed skippers to race on a level footing.

As with all new things there is always a little bit of work to do to keep the rules fair and up to date for all. With this in mind we have had a small update of the DF95 restricted class rules and we are now all racing to V1.2 with immediate effect.

Those competing in the US NCR this coming weekend should have had an email from Regatta Director Chuck with the updated rules. Those competing in the UK Nationals next weekend should take note also.

On updating the rules John Tushingham has also provided a short document that gives an explanation of what has changed so you don’t have to hunt through the document to find whats changed!

Click here for the update rules – dragonflite-95-restricted-class-rules-v1-2

Click here for an explanation of whats changed – v1-2-rule-changes-explained

Time to Pay Up…Please

We’ve had a note from Mick at Lincoln MYC who is organising the DF95 Nationals who informs us that there are those amongst the 36 entries who haven’t yet paid the entry fee of a measly £20. Mick also tells us that there are also several shortages on the food front with some competitors not having put a food order in for Saturday evening. So if you haven’t paid or ordered food please get in touch with Mick, pronto, and he’ll be ever so grateful.

Remember that guys like Mick give their time for free to organise events so that we can all enjoy the racing. Making Mick and other’s lives easier by sticking with the instructions keeps them happy and more willing to hold events for us in the future. Yes, I know, my entry was late, I paid late but my food order was well on time!!

If you still fancy getting an entry in for the event you can do so by visiting the Lincoln MYC website.

See you all in a week or so!

DF95 Nationals – Tune Up Event

We’ve been asked by John Tushingham to let you all know that there is a DF95 tune up event being held at the Keighley Club on Sunday 30th October, an ideal opportunity for those based in the North to get your eye in a week before the DF95 Nationals at Lincoln. Racing starts at 10am and will continue until it gets dark or your fingers go numb. Bring your own lunch. Give John a call on 01943 816808 if you fancy some racing.


DF95 skippers at Keighley earlier in 2016

DF95 Nationals Update – Entries Closed…unless you’re quick and nice!

With the official deadline passed for putting your entry in for the event we have made it to 31 skippers. not too shabby. If you really want to enter head over to the Lincoln MYC website and send Mick a really nice email and he might let you put a late entry in. Mick likes shiny things with the number 46 on them so perhaps a bribe of some Valentino Rossi merchandise might help your cause, or perhaps a bottle for the raffle…

There is more info on the events page and the full details can be found on the Lincoln MYC website.


A shot from Fleetwood a few weeks ago.