Time to Pay Up…Please

We’ve had a note from Mick at Lincoln MYC who is organising the DF95 Nationals who informs us that there are those amongst the 36 entries who haven’t yet paid the entry fee of a measly £20. Mick also tells us that there are also several shortages on the food front with some competitors not having put a food order in for Saturday evening. So if you haven’t paid or ordered food please get in touch with Mick, pronto, and he’ll be ever so grateful.

Remember that guys like Mick give their time for free to organise events so that we can all enjoy the racing. Making Mick and other’s lives easier by sticking with the instructions keeps them happy and more willing to hold events for us in the future. Yes, I know, my entry was late, I paid late but my food order was well on time!!

If you still fancy getting an entry in for the event you can do so by visiting the Lincoln MYC website.

See you all in a week or so!