Last week of UK only entries for DF95 Nationals

Well it seems that 60 ish UK skippers have answered the call to enter the 2022 DF95 Nationals at the end of July, this leaves 23 places still available for the event. If you are a UK skipper and you want a spot at the Nationals this year then please get yourself over to the event page where you can find a link to the entry.

As of 1st May the entry will open to non UK skippers and I should think that this will fill the event to almost capacity quite soon after. So, last call UK skippers. If you miss out, don’t say you weren’t told about it!

DF95 Nationals Entry Open

Just a quick note to let you know that the entry for the 2022 DF95 Nationals is now open. Check out the event page by clicking here for more detail. Entries currently number in the mid twenties. Remember to get your entry in early to avoid number clashes and disappointment….

DF95 Nationals 2022

DF95’s @ Furzton Lake – Photo Sue Brown

Stuff is coming thick and fast this week as there is quite a bit going on. This post is to alert you all to the fact that you should check out the DF95 Nationals page. There are details of the 2022 event and a timeline as to how entries will be handled. Timmy’s top tips for this one are as follows. Set your alarm for midnight on the 8th April, get your entry in early to avoid having to change your sail number……. That is all.

Click here to take a look at the page.

Lincoln DF TT Report

“Mick, did you pick that mark up?”, “Eh, what’s that boy? what mark? where?” – Mick & Darin, Lincoln linchpins – Photo Sue Brown

I’ve had a minute or 90 to sort out all the things that went on over the weekend at Lincoln RSC. If you fancy a read then head over to the Results 22 page and take a look. Maybe get yourself a warm cup of hot brown first as the report will make you cold! Overall TT results are also posted.

Click here to take a look.

Lincoln DF65 results

An interesting day at Scotland Farm no wind, some wind, no wind, snow, some wind just about sums it up I think.

Buzz Coleman took the win from Dave Potter and Peter Baldwin. Tushy could only manage fourth with Dave Adams in fifth, Tim Long sixth and a hard charging Jim La Roche in seventh.

No full results as they are not printed yet but we’ll load them when we get them.

Pub now, DF95 tomorrow.

Lincoln ready to go

We’ve just finished the RG65 TT event here at Lincoln and we’ve got the seeding heats sorted for tomorrows DF65 racing. I’d love to share a picture of the heat board, however due to some monumentally poor internet it won’t let me post any pictures at all.

Anyhow, be assured that the course looks good, the rescue boat works well and the club are raring to go.

See you tomorrow skippers.