DragonFest Results and Report

Dfest beat walk

Lots of walking under sunny skies for the 92 races over 5 days. Photo – Sue Brown

So we’ve just about recovered now and have unpacked, washed boats down and settled back into the daily grind of life however as a reminder of what we did last week there is a report on the full DragonFest week of events on the results page. Well worth a read, even if just for the social reports. There are also links to the superb photos taken by Sue Brown. Take a look at the results page here

DragonFest Final Call…almost

We are just a few days away from the start of DragonFest 2016, the first half of the week will be given over to some informal DF65 racing with some DF95 racing and demos on Friday with DragonFest proper starting at 0930 ish on Saturday morning.

There are some amazing prizes on offer with a DF95 for the winner and a DF65 for the other two podium finishers plus another amazing spot prize for someone which will be decided by the DF committee.

If you plan to enter any part of the event please please please use the online form at www.dragonfest2016.com  which will allow West Lancs YC to get some bearing on numbers for food over the event. You can still enter the event right up until registration on Saturday morning, we will be processing entries through the week after the racing so even if you are thinking about a late entry we can make it happen for you!

Entry fees will be collected at registration on Saturday morning and includes lunch for both days and a Prizegiving buffet as well as a top quality DF65 related goody!

If you are around on the Friday for the DF95 racing you can either pitch up with your own boat or come along and use one of the available demo boats, there will be plenty of informal racing taking place along with some amusing banter and a good bit of social afterwards.

Whilst the sailing over the week will be pretty epic it is fair to say that the social aspect of the event is just as important, I’ve dusted off my BBQ and sorted out the awning for the van and will probably be equipped with a fridge to keep my beer nicely chilled so it would be advisable to bring a chair along so that you’ve got a perch for a drink apres sailing.

There is a great car park above the venue where, if the wind is right we might have a spot of land yacht racing one evening, if you’ve got one, bring it along, it’ll be a giggle.

The club will be open from 2pm on Tuesday 10th onwards and we’ll see you there!


The DF Crew