Keighley pop up DF95 Open

Like junkies searching in vain for their next fix the drive over was spent scanning the horizon for the merest hints of wind. Windmills not turning, quivering leaves on the trees not quivering, smoke rising straight up… oh oh, is that, is that a bit of ripple on that pond? Ah **** it, there’s naff all, who we kidding, shall we just go home?

But luckily we pushed through those cold turkey wind sweats and scored just enough of the good stuff for 13 races and to play out the tale of the 2 Shauns..

Shaun Priestley sailed the infamous Darkside in to first place in his first event in the class and then Shaun Holbeche, who built his boat this week, plopped it in the water on Sunday and took a 1st, 2nd, 1st in the first 3 races and scored a second overall! Well done both those men!

Here are the final results and there was a bit of a miscalculation with the discards when the results were announced in shed, which means Derek Priestley pipped John Tushingham for 3rd.

  • 1st Shaun Priestley 25pts
  • 2nd Shaun Holbeche 31pts
  • 3rd Derek Priestley 38pts
  • 4th John Tushingham 40pts
  • 5th Tim Long 53pts
  • 6th Tim Lanigan 54pts
  • 7th Chris More 61pts
  • 8th Mick Parkington 67pts
  • 9th Liz Tushingham 95pts
  • 10th Tommy Mills 95pts
  • 11th Graham Allen 125pts
  • 12th Eric Reid 127pts
  • 13th Sue Parkington 129pts
  • 14th Martin Hallums 138pts
  • 15th Ashley 166pts
  • 16th John Bellerby 174pts

Here’s the results sheet for forensic analysis:


And because we were all having too much fun sailing and not taking pictures of the boats, here is a picture of a cottage pie. It was lovely if you’re wondering.


See you all in Lincoln 🙂