Keighley Incoming

Tush Arm

Tushy’s new handicap…can he be beaten??

So we are gearing up to a weekend on the moors above the Aire valley in good old Yorkshire. Facebook tells us that some of the TT skippers came up last weekend for the RG TT two dayer at Weecher and have stayed in the area to enjoy all that it has to offer. No doubt they’ll be sporting flat ‘ats and whippets for this weekend.

Practice racing will be available tomorrow afternoon at the club before the DF65 racing kicks off on Saturday morning. Saturday social has been taken care of before DF95 racing on Sunday. Mr Weston will be on hand with his “Van of Goodness” too, just in case you have a mechanical issue.

Light North to North East breeze all weekend, some sunny spells too, maybe a bit of a shower on Sunday, but a generally fine weekend.

You may have noticed by now that I’m waffling a little bit. Usually we have an entry list to post for each day, however it seems that Mr Tumble has been at it again and this time Tushy has broken his wrist. I’m not sure if it was this that prevented him sending over the entry list or whether he hadn’t collated it all. Anyhow, we don’t have one to post but I’m reliably informed that there were around 20 entries for Saturday and 30 for Sunday. maybe a few more, maybe a few less.

Good luck to all those competing, I’m sure you’ll have a blast.


Keighley TT Details

We’ve had a smoke signal from Mr Tushingham, he has written the NoR’s for the next couple of rounds of the TT series up at his home club based on Weecher reservoir. It’s a cool place to sail with far reaching views along the Aire Valley for 30 miles or more…….assuming it isn’t foggy, raining or snowing which it can do all in the space of an hour. I kid you not.¬† Details here.

TT Results Update


Recent skippers – Photo Sue Brown

We’ve had the scores on the doors through from Peter & Judith which take the 2019 TT results up to date. They are available on the Results 2019 page. 133 skippers have taken part in at least one event so far this year and we are only half way through the series. Unless JT has any serious issues it looks like he’ll be scampering away with the trophy once again, below him it really is anyone’s guess as to who will take the other two podium spots that Tim & Derek currently occupy.

Our next event is over in Yorkshire at Weecher, will it be windy, will it be foggy…..who knows but it’ll be a great event that’s for sure.

DF65 Nationals Report


Saturday racing at the DF65 Nationals – Photo Sue Brown

Back at base this morning after a good journey home and a good nights sleep and we have a report and pictures. The report is on the Results page including the full HMS results sheet and you can find the photos that Sue Brown took over the weekend by clicking here.


As predicted Tushy is away but Micky C and John B are looking hot to trot with The other John T in 4th spot. There’s more breeze already today, could be a fun day.

DF65 Nationals Update

So we’ve had a tough, long day at the office. Conditions have been tricky, A+ has been the order of the day in varying degrees, from drifting to diving and everything in between.

Tushy has had his lucky shorts today and I’m sure he heads the board, as for everyone else it’s anyone’s guess. We haven’t had any official results as yet so other than Tushy it’s anybody’s guess.

If we get anything from the race team we’ll get it posted for you. We are in full debrief mode outside the pub now. Tomorrow promises more breeze so it’ll be another good day.