Lincoln DF65 results

An interesting day at Scotland Farm no wind, some wind, no wind, snow, some wind just about sums it up I think.

Buzz Coleman took the win from Dave Potter and Peter Baldwin. Tushy could only manage fourth with Dave Adams in fifth, Tim Long sixth and a hard charging Jim La Roche in seventh.

No full results as they are not printed yet but we’ll load them when we get them.

Pub now, DF95 tomorrow.

Lincoln ready to go

We’ve just finished the RG65 TT event here at Lincoln and we’ve got the seeding heats sorted for tomorrows DF65 racing. I’d love to share a picture of the heat board, however due to some monumentally poor internet it won’t let me post any pictures at all.

Anyhow, be assured that the course looks good, the rescue boat works well and the club are raring to go.

See you tomorrow skippers.

From the Race Officer

We’ve had a mail from Race Officer John Tushingham this morning with an update regarding the qualification process for the 2023 Global Championship @ Fleetwood.

It offers clarification on the boat limits for our one day TT events as well as offering some solace for those who didn’t enter Gosport but want to have a stab at qualifying.

To read John’s words please take a look at the event page by clicking here.

DF95 Results

DF95 results above, usual suspects at the top plus a couple of new names.

Another good days sailing with a heap more boats on the start line.

Long journey now, report in a day or two.

Thanks to Gosport club for the weekend.

Gosport 65 Results

So, despite an iffy wind direction and an awful lot of rig changes during the day it was a lovely day sailing here at Gosport. The sun shone and there were A plus rigs, A rigs and the odd B rig on the racecourse.

Tushy made it look reasonably easy once again. Ken Binks made a great day of it to come home second with Tim Long in third spot.

Pub now, 95’s tomorrow.

Sunny Gosport

So here we all are, Gosport is sunny and breezy. The sun is good but the breeze could cause some course setting issues for the race team, I see zig zags in our future today….

I think that the A plus rigs that people are sporting currently will be replaced by B and possibly C rigs as the day wears on.

Results to follow later.