DF95 Nationals Day Two

A little more breeze this morning for the second day of the 2022 DF95 Nationals here at Two Islands RYC in Milton Keynes.

There’s the slightly dusty head choice of A or B rig for the first race, no doubt those that know will get the choice right!

DF95 Nationals day 1

Well that was a day. Good breeze from the forecast direction which was good, unfortunately this brought a heap of floating weed down the course which would catch every one of us out at one point or another.

The race team did all they could to mitigate the situation but it was a problem all day,

That’s said the sailing was good when you were weed free but it has added some new visitors to the top of the scoreboard.

Results for the top 49 to the end of race 4 below with more racing after we fall out of the pub tomorrow.

DF95 Nationals are go

Nigel prepping well

Not a bad morning here in Milton Keynes, a few dusty heads but most of the skippers are ready to go.

Seeding races start in an hour or so but with a few drop outs, including John Tushingham we are down to three fleets so the challenge is not as great for those at the pointy end of the fleet.

Skippers to watch are current National champ Craig Richards, Dave Potter has faired well so far this season along with John Taylor. Others such as Nigel Brown, John Brierley, Peter Baldwin, Buzz Coleman and Ken Binks should be able to mount a good challenge if they get their heads round the job.

I think any one of maybe six skippers could end up with the pot at the end of the weekend, good luck to all that are entered.

Dartmoor TT in the books

DF95’s @ Dartmoor – Photo Sue Brown

So it seems that the sun shone and the wind was good too. Results for the Dartmoor TT weekend are available on the Results page along with the updated overall scores for the series.

Next up there’s a bit of a wait until the end of July for a weekend at Milton Keynes for the DF95 Nationals. There are still a few spots available for what is sure to be a great weekend. Remember that entries close on the 30th June.

Dartmoor Incoming

Mike Weston @ Dartmoor, he’s a real funny guy!

Evening folks, hope we are all bearing up in the heat that appears to have arrived over the last couple of days. It looks like there might be a bit of respite from it over the weekend as the temperature dips a little over the next couple of days. There should be some sun up on Dartmoor though so make sure your sunscreen is applied well!

Looks like around 30 entries for both days which, given the far flung location is not a bad effort at all.

I’m not there this weekend but hopefully we’ll get some results sent through that I can post up for you all.

Good luck to all those competing and we hope that Mike Weston is recovering well after his long awaited shoulder operation. I doubt it’ll stop him moaning but here’s hoping!

Keighley Report & Results…or not

DF95’s @ Weecher – Photo Sue Brown

No report from Weecher as yet and I imagine we probably won’t see one either so please check out the Results 22 page by clicking here to check out the latest series results and also Sue Brown’s excellent photos of the weekend.

Dartmoor is incoming in a week’s time, if you haven’t entered yet then there are still spots available on both days.

Keighley DF TT Results

I wasn’t there so I don’t know how it went off but I’ve had reports from competitors that Tushy’s BBQ was epic, Saturday was hard work and Sunday was a blast.

Whilst I wait for a report from OOD Tushingham please find the results of the weekend below.

DF656 Results – Congrats to Nigel who has clearly rested well over the last few weeks and returned a strong set of results on Saturday.

Well done Buzz, not a lot in it again with Potter and Binksy showing well. We’ll await a report from JT with the weekend detail.

Meantime we aren’t a million miles away from a trip to the South West and Dartmoor. Well worth a visit if you’ve got the time. Check out the online entry details and NoR’s by clicking here.

Events, Get Your Events Here!

DF65 Nationals @ Eastbourne a few years back

Morning, lots going on in my world currently so I’ve missed a couple of event announcements, The NoR for the Keighley TT event in a couple of weeks has been posted, lots of entries already but still plenty of space for those wanting to go.

There are still places available for the DF95 Nationals, entry is now open to all comers.

The NoR for the DF65 Nationals at Eastbourne has been published and entries are coming in nicely.

Click here to take a look at the details for these events.

We’ve also had a smoke signal from Fleetwood about the 2023 DF95 Global Regatta and we are pleased to announce the publication of the provisional NoR for this event. Plenty of detail on the how, where, what and when of the event. Click here to take a look at the NoR

Last week of UK only entries for DF95 Nationals

Well it seems that 60 ish UK skippers have answered the call to enter the 2022 DF95 Nationals at the end of July, this leaves 23 places still available for the event. If you are a UK skipper and you want a spot at the Nationals this year then please get yourself over to the event page where you can find a link to the entry.

As of 1st May the entry will open to non UK skippers and I should think that this will fill the event to almost capacity quite soon after. So, last call UK skippers. If you miss out, don’t say you weren’t told about it!

DF95 Nationals Entry Open

Just a quick note to let you know that the entry for the 2022 DF95 Nationals is now open. Check out the event page by clicking here for more detail. Entries currently number in the mid twenties. Remember to get your entry in early to avoid number clashes and disappointment….