AGM 2022

AGM 2022 Results

Well the DF Racing UK 2022 AGM is now over and our Peter Snow stand in has collated all the votes and we can deliver the following information at the conclusion of the AGM.

201 votes were cast on the matters of officer re elections. which were the only voting items.

All officers were voted into office for the coming year by either 99% or 100% of the votes cast.

There were also many notes of thanks attached to the voting forms which have been passed on to the officers and in return they would like to thank you guys for taking the time to cast your votes.

In conclusion the AGM is concluded with all officers elected.

Some of the notes of thanks are listed below.

“Officers should be thanked for their valued services.”

“Please record a vote pf thanks to the Association Officials for the excellent work they continue to do on behalf of the classes and members.”

“Thank you to all the officers who volunteer and put in the hard work for the association”

“Keep on Buzzing !!!😉😉”

“I would like to thank the officers of the association for their hard work, diligence and vision in managing the “DF movement”, which brings huge pleasure to everyone who comes in contact with a Dragon Force or Flite, whether at a National Event or a Saturday afternoon club race.”

“Just like to thank all the Officers for there hard work keeping the UK DF Class Association running so smoothly over the last few difficult years. Thanks, much appreciated.”