AGM 2020

So we are at that time of year once again where we need to think about holding our DF Racing UK AGM and we would like you guys to get involved once again.

Last year we fine tuned the constitution and re elected officers. There were no other matters that were brought up by your guys, the membership so we must be doing a reasonable job.

Once again we are offering you the opportunity to have your say, if you have any issues please just shout up, we’re listening. There are a couple of items to deal with this year as well as Officer election. As a member of the DF racing NCA you should have had an email with the details, if not please contact the secretary via the contact page.

The timetable is very similar to last year, the details are posted below and should be acted upon accordingly.

Notice of the DF Racing UK Association AGM 2020

The Annual General Meeting of the Association will take place to the following timetable completing on the 8th February 2020 :-

By 10th December 2019 – All members advised by email of the AGM date and timetable. This email to ask for all items for inclusion on the Agenda including any proposed motions and nominations for the elected Officer positions

By 10th January 2020 – The above motions and nominations to be received by email

By 25th January 2020 – The final Agenda and items for voting are advised by email

8th  February 2020 – Receipt of voting ends and the AGM is closed

Formal notification

  1. The 2020 DF Racing UK Association AGM will take place to a published timetable and closes on the 8th February 2020
  2. Any item or motions to be included on the Agenda from members to be received by email by the 10th January 2020 using the email address
  3. Any nomination for the elected officer positions of Chairman, Racing Officer, Membership Officer and Promotion and Web Officer to be received by email using the email address by the 10th January 2020. Nominations should include a proposer and seconder who shall be full members of the Association.Please note that the currently appointed officers have all confirmed their willingness to stand for re-election.

AGM 2020 Results.

So the AGM is now completed, many thanks to all of you that voted.

There were no surprises in the voting with all motions passed and all officers elected and re elected.  There were however a couple of points raised by members which I’ll answer below.

So, your DF Racing UK Committee looks like this –

Chairman & Secretary – Jim La Roche

Racing Officer – John Tushingham

Membership Officer – Wayne Stobbs

Web & Promotions Officer – Tim Long

Treasurer – Mark Robinson

Member comments & Association responses

  • Can sailors choose to sail A+, A, B, or C rigs depending on their own view of conditions

Yes, it is the competitors choice as to which rig he chooses to sail with for each race at any of our TT or National events.

  • I do wish other class associations would look & learn from this. Its simple. easy & all about the sailing, not the politics & long may it continue. great job everyone & thank you

On behalf of all the DF UK committee – Thank you.

  • Please when planning next year racing programme can it be in all districts not midlands and northern as this year .

The 2020 DF TT events incorporate 3 events in the south, 4 in the north and only 1 in the midlands, plus an away event in Italy. We try very hard to plan our TT events in all regions, including a trip to the south west every other year. It would be nice to hold a TT in Scotland as well, but so far, this has not been possible.

  • In order for overseas members to enter and book flights etc I would like to have the DF 65 and 95 Nat Championships plus NORs as early as possible

Agreed. The NOR and entry are already available for the DF95 Nationals at Fleetwood and the DF65 Nationals NOR and entry will be available very shortly.