DF95 Global Regatta 2023 – Fleetwood UK

This event has been approved by the DF Racing ICA and plans are underway to stage the event in mid May 2023. There will be lots of information posted here, on the DF Racing World website and probably on the Fleetwood website as well. Firstly though the most important bit.

May 12th 2022 – DF95 Global Regatta 2023 Notice of Race.

We are just over a year out from the gun going on the first race of the Global Regatta at Fleetwood. In line with the regulations please find the provisional Notice of Race for the event. It gives a whole heap of detail on the event and how it will go off and what to expect. It all sounds pretty exciting.

Take a look at the NoR here – DF95 Globals 2023 NoR version 0d

How can I qualify for a place at the event?

The question we’ve been asked most is “How can I qualify for a place at the event?”

It’s a great question and hopefully the answer is below for all those of you who want to take part.

First off it’s prudent to point out that we don’t know how many places the UK will be allocated at this time, it could be 10, it could be 30, it could be 50, at this stage we’re not quite sure.

So, if you, as a UK skipper want to be in with a chance of a spot at this great event you’ll need to compete at as many of the DF95 TT’s as you can make it to and from that we’ll take the best four results to count.

We’ve worked out that we should be able to include all the 2022 DF95 TT events as qualifying events and it should all fit within the timescale that the ICA are hoping to achieve.

If you want a place then get yourself on the TT circuit and win some races.

“Qualification for the 2023 DF95 Global Championship” – 23 March 2022

The overall results from this years’ DF95 TT events and the 2022 DF95 National Championship will be used when it comes to the selection of UK places at the Globals, which will be held at Fleetwood in mid May next year. There are seven events in all and it will be your best four results to count. At this stage we can not be certain how many UK places there will be, but our best guess would be around forty. 

It seems like you’re all keen to get a place judging by the level of entries at Gosport and the upcoming Lincoln event. Those high numbers gave us an unforeseen problem prior to Gosport, the entry rapidly got up to sixty boats and the Class Committee made the decision the cap the entry at sixty boats to avoid having to sail each race in four heats. We strongly feel that three heats is the maximum for any one day event to ensure enough racing can be done, quality not quantity! This action, although welcomed by almost everybody, had to be taken quickly and was technically incorrect as the Notice of Race was altered without warning. A waiting list was started and it seems everyone on that list did eventually get a place at the event. However, as compensation for those that might have been put off entering but still wish to try for a Global’s place the UK Class Committee have decided to award average points for the Gosport DF95 TT to any skipper who competes in three or more DF95 TT events in the rest of the series. This average score will be calculated after the last DF95 TT round of the year.

A sixty boat limit will now apply to all single day DF TT events for the rest of the series and will be included in the Notice of Race, so make sure you get your entries in nice and early. If this level of entries persists throughout the year we will look at the format of our 2023 TT series to accommodate those higher numbers.