DF95 Nationals 2021 – Fleetwood MYPBC

Uncle Derek has arranged great conditions for the 2021 DF95 Nationals.

Important Notice – 25 March 2021

MYA  DF 95  National Championship 2021

The Fleetwood club are delighted to announce that the National Championship entry list has now reached its limit of 84.

However, past experience has taught us that usually there are some drop outs / withdrawals before the event actually starts.

So, if you haven’t been able to enter yet don’t worry, add your name to the waiting list & we’ll contact you if & when a place becomes available.


Important Notice – 21 March 2021

The NoR has been updated. Because of the unprecedented entry for this event it has been decided, with competitor consultation, to make Friday a full day of racing. If you’d already entered the event you’ll have been informed of this change and you should have received the updated NoR via email. If you’ve not seen it on your email then the updated version is posted below.

There is also a triathlon taking place on Sunday morning, obviously I’ve entered and should place well, but there will be a restriction along the prom from 8am onwards on Sunday morning so you’ll need to be at the club before then.

Well here is something to look forward to, an actual event, where you can enter the event, pay money and start to look forward to some racing.

So, the 2021 DF95 Nationals looks like it will be going ahead. With as much confidence as possible the guys at Fleetwood MYPBC have opened the entry for the event via the MYA online entry system from March 1st 2021. This page holds the NoR for the event and also the updated entry list as we get it.

We are pretty sure that the entry will fill up quickly so make sure you’re on the ball as you don’t want to miss out on this championship at the Fleetwood MYPBC.

The NoR is available to view – DF95 Nats 2021 NoR version 2

Click here for the MYA Online Entry. 

The Fleetwood MYPBC website is available to view by clicking here.

Nationals Entry List – 2nd August

John W Cleave00RydeGBR
Magnus Bood1MSKSWE
Alan Watkinson4BirkenheadGBR
Craig Richards05WindrushGBR
Gerard Sietsma8DF NetherlandsNED
Ian Sinclair11FleetwoodGBR
Alan Smith13FleetwoodGBR
Mats Hagman14SRSSSWE
Charles Clark16AltonGBR
Chuck LeMahieu17Trinity River YCUSA
David Potter20BirkenheadGBR
Michael Collberg21MssSWE
Dave Burke30BirkenheadGBR
Dave Darwell32Askern RSCGBR
Gordon Bayliff35FleetwoodGBR
Susan Sharman36KeighleyGBR
Göran Uggla39SRSSSWE
Wayne Stobbs42GosportGBR
Mick Chamberlain46LincolnGBR
Stewart Campbell50TaysideGBR
John Tushingham51KeighleyGBR
Martin Crysell52GuildfordGBR
Nigel Brown55GosportGBR
Jim La Roche57Coalhouse FortGBR
Ulf Lindberg58KarlskogaSWE
Jonas Samson60HaSSSWE
John Sharman61KeighleyGBR
Gordon Allison62AyrGBR
Rolf Danehammar64UKSSSWE
Phil Holliday66Datchet WaterGBR
Jen Hand69LincolnGBR
Gary Boell71North Bay  RSCUSA
Graham Marsh75Ashton QuaysGBR
Malcolm Price82AltonGBR
Ken Binks83EastbourneGBR
John Brierley84BirkenheadGBR
Oliver Murray88FleetwoodGBR
Chris Dance91Patterson Lakes MYCAUS
James Beale93Coalhouse FortGBR
Brian Holland95AbersochGBR
Leen Buurman97Hampton CourtGBR
Tim Long99AbersochGBR
Liz Tushingham100KeighleyGBR
Chris More102AskernGBR
David Hope111AltonGBR
Bob Conner114WoodspringGBR
Jeremy Nichols116Levenhall RYCGBR
Thomas Enwall130SRSSSWE
David Williams133BirkenheadGBR
William McMillan136AbersochGBR
Damian Ackroyd139KeighleyGBR
Paolo Patrini141C.V. Pescallo LarioITA
Mark Golison155Alamitos Bay YCUSA
Peter Baldwin172BirkenheadGBR
Andrew Peter179BirkenheadGBR
Tjakko Keizer180DF NetherlandsNED
Chris Chatfield183FleetwoodGBR
Taco Faber201RC Laser NedNED
John Taylor214FleetwoodGBR
David Stewart221Ashton QuaysGBR
Gordon Rae260AyrGBR
David Adams358Royal TempleGBR
David Nickerson365BirminghamGBR
Christopher Nichols383Levenhall RYCGBR
Glenn Meekcoms418Coalhouse FortGBR
Dave Holyoak480HollowellGBR
Barry Rolfe519BirminghamGBR
Chris Collins531Lake Balboa MYCUSA
Eric Austwick540FleetwoodGBR
Jonathan Beale638AltonGBR
Garry Box712Manor ParkGBR
Dave Fowler840Blackpool & FyldeGBR
Mike Brand875Royal TempleGBR
Mike Benson883FleetwoodGBR
Malcolm Clement958FleetwoodGBR
Tim Denby987Royal TempleGBR
Thomas Nash991LMYC & MYSAGBR
Adrian Tomlinson1130MedwayGBR
Martin Gray1183Punta Gorda MSCIRL
Stig Strömkvist1331RHSSSWE