DF65 Nationals 2021 – Poole RYC

So, the DF65 Nationals 2021 are to be held at Poole RYC over the weekend of the 4th and 5th of September. The DF Racing circus has never been to Poole RYC before, however the concept of the DF racing classes was discussed at length (and over much wine and probably cheese) at the debrief after a model yacht race in Poole many moons ago. Poole therefore holds some affection for several members of the DF development team…and others too.

The club is based in Poole park and it looks to be a jolly nice place to sail.

The event NoR is available to view – DF65 Nationals 2021 NoR

The MYA will be live and you can access that by clicking here.

Poole RYC have an excellent website with lots of information about the club and local area as well as a dedicated event page which you can access by clicking here.

Entry List 12th August 2021

The current entry list is available on the Poole RYC website – Clicky here to take a look at who’s in!