2018 DF Travellers Series

DF Racing TT Series 2018 Dates

So we are pretty well organised for 2018 now and can publish the dates for our sixteen round TT series so that you guys can organise your sailing season and attend as many of the DF Racing events as you want.

There are several venues that remain the same from last years calendar and along with a new venue in the Midlands we have sixteen rounds to battle out the best skipper over the course of a season.

Don’t forget the two National Championships contained within the TT Series, the DF65  event at Gosport in May and the DF95 event in July at Keighley, both of which will be hotly contested by a top field of skippers.

We have an option to add a weekend in September, perhaps a new club may come forward and offer to host something for us.

As yet we do not have any NoR’s to publish, however I’m sure that the West Lancs club will get something to us pretty soon to advertise the season opener.

So without further ado, here are the dates,

Round 3: 17th March: Coalhouse Fort. DF65 – Click here for details

Round 4: 18th March: Coalhouse Fort. DF95 – Click here for details

Round 5: 28th April. Fleetwood. DF65

Round 6: 29th April. Fleetwood. DF95

Round 7: 19th & 20th May. Gosport. DF65 National Championship

Round 8: 9th June. 2 Islands. DF65

Round 9: 10th June. 2 Islands. DF95

Round 10: 7th & 8th July. Keighley. DF95 National Championship

Round 11: 11th Aug. Manor Park. DF65

Round 12: 12th Aug. Manor Park. DF95

Round 13: 20th Oct. Eastbourne. DF65

Round 14: 21th Oct. Eastbourne. DF95

Round 15: 1st Dec: Lincoln. DF65 – event cancelled – to be re-scheduled for early 2019

Round 16: 2nd Dec: Lincoln. DF95 – event cancelled – to be re-scheduled for early 2019