ICA AGM 2023

Dear Members,

We have just received the following communication from Russ Gardner,
DFICA Class Secretary.

The DFICA Rules Committee is represented by John Tushingham and Buzz Coleman (UK), Russ Gardner (USA) and Chris Dance (Aust). It continually reviews feedback from member nations and provides interpretations to help clarify and understand the wording and rule principles. Interpretations are posted on the DF Racing World Information site at https://dfracing.world/class-rule-interpretations/.

A new interpretation has been added that addresses Advertising and use of corporate logos. It applies only to Global Regattas, and each member nation may allow the use of advertising as promotion or decoration at other events in their region.

Where Rule changes are required, the Committee proposes amendments to the DFICA Executive for endorsement. Each national representative on the World Council is required to discuss the changes with their national association to submit their vote on any proposals.

The attached proposed rule changes have been endorsed by the DFICA Executive and consider them appropriate to clarify and tighten our rules for both classes,  and are now presented for each nations’ consideration.

A World Council meeting will be held at the DF95 Globals in Fleetwood in May where these changes will be voted upon for introduction from 1st June 2023.”

We need to review the changes and prepare our vote for that meeting or arrange a proxy to submit our vote at that meeting.

Unless any members have any serious objections the UK will vote to accept the proposals at the AGM.

Please contact Jim La Roche before the 5th May 2023 via the DF Racing UK Class Association website https://dfracinguk.com/contact/


Documents below.