DF95 Results

DF95 results above, usual suspects at the top plus a couple of new names.

Another good days sailing with a heap more boats on the start line.

Long journey now, report in a day or two.

Thanks to Gosport club for the weekend.

Gosport 65 Results

So, despite an iffy wind direction and an awful lot of rig changes during the day it was a lovely day sailing here at Gosport. The sun shone and there were A plus rigs, A rigs and the odd B rig on the racecourse.

Tushy made it look reasonably easy once again. Ken Binks made a great day of it to come home second with Tim Long in third spot.

Pub now, 95’s tomorrow.

Sunny Gosport

So here we all are, Gosport is sunny and breezy. The sun is good but the breeze could cause some course setting issues for the race team, I see zig zags in our future today….

I think that the A plus rigs that people are sporting currently will be replaced by B and possibly C rigs as the day wears on.

Results to follow later.

Gosport DF95 Entries Closed

Our Race officer John Tush has been monitoring the entries for the upcoming DF95 event at Gosport and after a chat today he has taken the decision to close the entries so that we only have three fleets on the day.

Mindful of the numbers and also mindful of possible conditions and required course changes Tushy thinks that it is sensible to keep all of the one day DF TT events limited to three fleets so that those entered get a good number of races having travelled quite some distance.

Obviously there may be one or two of you that haven’t entered but were going to. If this is the case then please contact the event organiser and add your name to a waiting list. I’m sure there will be one or two drop outs from the event which means there should be one or two available spots. Running an eye over the list I can’t see anyone obvious who is missing.

There is a little more about this on the Events page.

DF Racing Global Regatta 2023

DF Racing Global Regatta 2018

We announced that Fleetwood will be holding the DF Racing Global Regatta in 2023 and whilst the ICA (International Class Association) are still ironing out the finer details of the event we thought it would be a good idea to let you guys and gals know how you might get a place at this prestigious event.

To that end we’ve created an information page on the website with details of what you’ll need to do to be in with a shout of getting a spot on the startline in May 2023. Click here to take a look.

AGM Results & Forthcoming Stuff

Morning folks, our 2022 DF racing UK AGM concluded yesterday evening and we have the results for you. Take a look at the AGM 2022 page by clicking here where we have added the results of the voting process for you.

Thanks to all of you that took the time to vote.

In other news the Gosport TT in March is looking like a bumper start to the season with 43 entries for the DF65 event and almost 60 for the DF95 event. Lets hope for some straight wind up and down the pond so the race team can get some racing away for all those entered.

We’ll also be publishing a DF95 Global Regatta 2023 page with details of how you, a UK DF95 skipper can qualify to race at the event.

Over the forthcoming weeks there will be a bit of back end website maintenance, this shouldn’t affect your use of the website but it will allow us to integrate more features into the site for future use.

Season 2022 is nearly upon us……I’d best build some rigs!

AGM Voting Reminder

Evening folks, you may or may not have had an email this morning about the DF Racing UK AGM 2022 which is reaching it’s conclusion over the next few days. If you’ve already voted then that’s great news and well done. If you had an email with the reminder this morning and are getting ready to vote then please do so over the next 24 hours as any votes cast after 1700 on the 12th Feb 2022 will not be counted. Then there are those of you that haven’t had an email reminder, or probably any communication about the AGM at all.

Well this is entirely your own fault! Our email system is a free programme and will only accommodate 2000 emails. As an Association we now have well in excess of 2000 members and the decision was taken some time ago to remove those members from the mailing list that haven’t opened the most recent ten emails that we have sent out. So if you’re wondering why you’ve not heard from us that would be the reason.

As ever though we have a solution. If you are a member of the UK DF Racing Class Association and you haven’t yet cast your votes in this years AGM and you would like to, then please click here and you’ll be taken over to the voting form. It literally takes 2 minutes to cast your votes, we don’t need any complicated info like you inside leg measurement and we don’t need your bank details or pin number either. It’s a few clicks of the mouse.

As mentioned above voting for the AGM ends at 1700 on the 12th February 2022 so get on with it and make it count, after all it’s your Association. Once the AGM is concluded we’ll collate and publish the results on the website. Unfortunately we can’t afford Peter Snow or a big wheely type swingometer thingy

Gosport Entry Open.

Gosport MY&BC

It’s time to start thinking about getting your boats out, dusting them off, charging batteries and remembering which thumb does what! That’s right, its the start of the 2022 DF racing UK TT series and we’re off to Gosport on the 12th & 13th of March for the season opener. As usual it promises to be a great event at a club that we haven’t visited for two years or more due to the Pandemic.

Click here to take a look at the details.

The AGM buildup is continuing and as a DF Racing member you’ll get an update on the 29th January with things to vote on.