We are moving, but not really

So we are now in a situation where we have the DF65 and the DF95 which is great news. Lots of you will be like kids at Christmas over the next few days and weeks as your boats arrive.

Here at the association HQ we’ve been pondering how best to deal with the new class from our point of view and we have decided that the simplest way is to incorporate the DF95 class website into the DF65 website. The reason for this is that the concepts are very similar and much of the structure for the two classes is pretty much the same. Also it means that I have one less website to update all the time!


So early next week we will be changing the web address of this site to make it all a bit more cohesive. The site will stay the same but the web address will change to http://www.dfracinguk.com  so please update your bookmarks with the new address.

In the meantime we will be adding some extra content to allow you to register your DF95 and have access to the rules and sail templates.

We hope that this is an easy transition which should be pretty seamless from your point of view.