Evening All, in the last few weeks we have been beavering away and getting ourselves a little more organised with a little more help.

The main change is the registrar who is now Wayne Stobbs from Portsmouth MYC. Wayne takes over from Tim Long and this change should free up Tim to do a little more website work. It should also speed up the registration process as Wayne seems to be well organised and he will be looking after the DF65, RG65 and DF95 registrations for the UK.


Wayne enjoys fishing in his spare time, it seems he’s quite good!

We are also recruiting some area race co-ordinators who can help us to promote the classes in the North, Midlands and South, we’ll keep you posted as things happen.

There will be another change coming in the next week or two which will be our web address which will become This domain is working currently alongside the current domain and will continue to do so for some time until I remember to switch it off!

Next event that we know of is Fleetwood DF65 on the 17th September.