The First DF95 ‘Pop-up’ Open Meeting

What do you do when you’ve got a free Sunday, a group of eager DF95 owners and a great piece of water to sail at? You get on the phone and organise a ‘pop-up’ open. Calls were made, boats prepared, rigs built and fourteen DF95s arrived at Keighley with the promise of a good A rig breeze for an informal days racing. Bring your own lunch, and in the form of Judith Baldwin, bring your own scorer! Having done a sterling job all day and aided by the host club’s Leo Marygold, went home with a nice bottle of white to relax into.

No need to rush about, some very smart new boats (nice stickers Gary) needing a bit of tweaking during the morning, a leisurely tea break and seven races completed before lunch. Much chat, some of it on the subject of drugs in sport, but nothing stronger than Aspirin for this fleet of finely honed athletes! Back on to the water in a slowly building breeze, top end of A rig by the middle of the afternoon, long beats, fast offwind legs, starts getting turned round faster now (sorry Tommy) to get up to sixteen races. Apart from a brief shower in the morning we managed to dodge a couple of nasty looking clouds and even came away a bit sun and wind blushed.

Results available in PDF format here – DF95 Results Keighley

To quote a line from the film Field of Dreams, “build it and they will come” – seems to work for us as well – we should do more of it, and we will, at Fleetwood for a joint DF65 & 95 weekend on September 17/18. Don’t miss it.