Derek Does Dallas – Part 1

So, along flight plus three hours driving up to Dallas and the event hotel in a proper Secret Service Chevy Suburban with Snackers at the helm and we’d all earned a beer or two, maybe even three.

Saturday morning saw skippers getting sails measured in, building and tweaking their charter boats and generally getting prepped.

There was some sailing too however it wasn’t really much about tuning, more survival. Whilst the wind was C rig, the waves were around 3 feet high as the day went on and you needed a D rig to get the boat through the tacks. Some people had forgotten to bring D rigs so they were hastily purchased and built which almost guarantees we won’t need them again this week!

The opening ceremony was a fun affair which brought the twelve competing nations skippers together for a drink or two and a couple of great speeches from Chuck and AMYA president Ray Seta along with a couple of words from Tushy.

So racing starts today, will there be any wind, will there be residual swell from yesterday, who knows, but it will be a good days racing that’s for sure.