Shows over kids

Well that got quite messy in the end. The final day arrived with a good breeze from the North making sure that everyone started out in C rigs on a course at the near end of the dock.

23A kicked the day off and we soon rolled out another six races before time was finally called on the inaugural DF95 Global Championship.

The Skippers were all mentally and physically tired after six hard days of racing and it was time to let them relax at the closing dinner. The presentation was then held with each and every skipper getting a small gift.

In the end it was JT who took the win by 30 some points from Mark Golison and Peter ‘Aqua Bunny’ Allen. Mark Dicks took 4th from Swede Jonas Samson. Derek, Peter and Buzz were also counted in the top ten.

Next up for GBR was Tim in 18th spot after a tough week. Wayne came home 28th, Nigel 31st and Jim 34th.

Once over we went back to the organisers hospitality suite where another red wine fuelled evening kicked off. Buzz and Nigel wisely got off early with other Team GBR crew leaving at around 2am.

Just the journey home to sort out now which will be just as tiring.