Brownie Points Season

DF Racing 2020…..a bigger crowd than this……probably!

So we’ve completed the 2019 season and rather than being down in the dumps about it we’ve been busy organising the 2020 race calendar, well at least Tushy has! It’s all confirmed and it’s now time for you to get on with earning those brownie points that will allow you to get involved in 2020. The racing will be a little different next year with several single boat events over a weekend to allow the bigger fleets we have seen to get a decent amount of racing in. We also have another away weekend with the DF95 at Lake Garda, an event that was well worth the visit last year. Dates for the Nationals are all included in the calendar including the newly formatted three day DF95 Nationals at Fleetwood.

Anyhow, take a look by clicking here.