2020 Major Events News

Unless you’ve been under a stone for the last month you’ll no doubt be aware that there are a couple of pretty major events happening in 2020.


DF95 Garda action 2019. Photo Sue Brown

First up is the DF95 European Regatta which, once again, is happening at the great Lake Garda venue at Campione. The 2019 event attracted a good few competitors from a number of countries and overall the event went off well.

To encourage more skippers to attend the 2020 event has been pushed back a little and will now take place between 15th & 17th May. This should ensure that the temperature is a little more acceptable for the competitors. This event makes up one round of the 2020 DF Racing UK TT series and the NoR has been published on our Events page.

There is also an event website which will keep you bang up to date with what’s going on. Clicky here to take a look.


Looks like a nice place for a DF65 get together….

Later on in the year, in early September, we are all gearing up for the second DF Racing Global Championship. This time the event is featuring the DF65 and is being held in Sweden, about an hour South of Stockholm.

There is already a lot of interest in the event which takes place from 6th – 11th September. The Swedes are keen to get as many skippers involved however the entry is limited to 70 skippers. Although there are currently 74 registered skippers it is worth getting yourself on the list if you fancy a trip

If this event is half as good as the 2018 Globals in Texas…well,  we are in for a treat!

Check out the event website by clicking here.