Cancellations & Delays


Sounds very much like a British Rail announcement doesn’t it? Anyhow, short and sweet today, just to let you know that the DF Racing TT event at Keighley has been cancelled and the event at Eastbourne has been postponed. The guys at Eastbourne may try and put the event on in the later half of the year if there is enough time and space in the calendar.

The RG65 Nationals, also at Keighley have also been cancelled and will not be rescheduled for later in the year.

In line with current Government and MYA guidance we have no plans to restart racing anytime soon. Maybe we’ll get the DF65 Nationals at CHF but we haven’t had word from the club….fingers crossed.

So there we are, sorry there is nothing better to report but I hope you’re all safe and sound and staying alert, or at home, or at work or wherever you’re supposed to be….