Don’t Forget!

Hello Folks and a Happy New Year to you all. You’ll perhaps remember that we’ve got the DF Racing UK AGM going on at the moment. You had a mail from Wayne last week in which Chairman Jim suggested you should get voting.

So I’m here this week to tell you the same and throw some stats at you. So, the voting email went out to 1700 people, of those 1700 more the 950 have opened the email and from there we’ve had more than 120 people voting.

It would be great to have more people voting in the AGM, it’s your association so please crack on, open the email, click the link and get voting.

The last date for voting is in six days on the 10th February, so time is running out for you to have your say.

In other news….well, there isn’t really any at the moment. Poole RYC and Fleetwood MYPBC are busy preparing for the DF65 and DF95 National Championships in September. We are still unable to begin preparing any other sailing dates yet as the UK is still locked down and there seems to be little or no information about the way out of the lockdown. As soon as we are able to we’ll get on and arrange some events but they are likely to be low key affairs which offer something local rather than anything too grand.

We’ll get there folks, back to the pondside for some sailing, followed by a pub serving cold beers and good food for a debrief…..we’ll get there!