Things to look forward to….

This is what we’re looking forward to!

So Boris is affording us a few more freedoms on Monday morning and, apart from this Indian Variant, all looks to be heading in the right direction. Most of the UK has now had at least one stab in the arm, there are those who have had both stabs and with them comes the feeling of confidence that we might be able to get out there and enjoy more of what we like doing.

With this in mind we have some events news that might interest you as a DF Racing skipper. To compliment the two National Championships in September we have decided that it would be sensible to offer a little more racing over the second half of the year.

We’ll start up on the moors above the Aire Valley at Keighley, on the weekend of the 24th and 25th July. Never has there been a more open air venue than this and it’s a great place to go racing with DF’s.

August is a free month, we had hoped to head down to the Cotswolds but that might have to wait until next year.

September has already got both our National Championships in place with the 65’s at Poole at the front end of the month and the 95’s at Fleetwood towards the end of the month. These are both events not to be missed, the 65 Nationals still has spaces available but the 95 Nationals were fully subscribed within two weeks of the entry opening.

October 9th and 10th will see us on the South coast at Eastbourne. A great venue which has held numerous DF events over the years including both Nationals.

To round off the 2021 calendar we’ll be heading North once again to one of our favourite venues, West Lancs YC at Southport. The dates are 13th and 14th November, so it’ll be cold and the days will be short but we’ll be sure to get some good racing in.

We’ll do 65’s on Saturday and 95’s on Sunday for all of these new events so you’ll get a good chance to race both boats in good company over the back half of 2021. Of course all of these events, Nationals included have a huge caveat attached, we would hope that they all go off as planned, however if circumstance dictates that we are unable to run any of the events then we’ll have to take it on the chin and deal with the situations as they are presented. Hopefully the UK as a whole will behave over the coming months and we’ll be all be able to continue the enjoyment of the freedoms we are being offered.

In the meantime we’ll post the event NoR’s as we get them through along with entry details too. We hope to see you pondside before too long for a long awaited catchup.