Seasons Greetings, Thank You & Welcome!

Firstly and a little belatedly, Seasons greetings to you all from the DF UK squad. We hope you can remember what day it is and we assume that you’re nearly finished with the cheeseboard! A few of you went yachting up at Fleetwood on Tuesday, it looked like a tactical day.

Secondly, a “yuge” thank you to our registrar Wayne Stobbs who, after getting involved early on to help out has decided to step down from his role with the DF UK Class Association. Wayne has been a great asset to the Class Association and brought a wealth of IT knowledge with him which helped a great deal in finding ways to do things as the Association has grown. Wayne will still be involved a little but needs to focus on a few things outside of the radio sailing world. Thank you Wayne, we wouldn’t be where we are now without your input.

And finally, a big warm DF “Welcome” to our newly co-opted registrar Jen Hand who has stepped up to take on the job of registrar for the two DF Classes. Jen has recently completed a stint as the MYA secretary and brings with her a lifetime of organisational skills which will help the UK DF Class Association continue to move forward now and in the future. Jen is standing for election at the upcoming AGM so be sure to vote her in!

Have a good New Year wherever you are, make sure you continue to stay safe and we’ll hopefully see you at the fist DF event in March at Gosport.