AGM Voting Reminder

Evening folks, you may or may not have had an email this morning about the DF Racing UK AGM 2022 which is reaching it’s conclusion over the next few days. If you’ve already voted then that’s great news and well done. If you had an email with the reminder this morning and are getting ready to vote then please do so over the next 24 hours as any votes cast after 1700 on the 12th Feb 2022 will not be counted. Then there are those of you that haven’t had an email reminder, or probably any communication about the AGM at all.

Well this is entirely your own fault! Our email system is a free programme and will only accommodate 2000 emails. As an Association we now have well in excess of 2000 members and the decision was taken some time ago to remove those members from the mailing list that haven’t opened the most recent ten emails that we have sent out. So if you’re wondering why you’ve not heard from us that would be the reason.

As ever though we have a solution. If you are a member of the UK DF Racing Class Association and you haven’t yet cast your votes in this years AGM and you would like to, then please click here and you’ll be taken over to the voting form. It literally takes 2 minutes to cast your votes, we don’t need any complicated info like you inside leg measurement and we don’t need your bank details or pin number either. It’s a few clicks of the mouse.

As mentioned above voting for the AGM ends at 1700 on the 12th February 2022 so get on with it and make it count, after all it’s your Association. Once the AGM is concluded we’ll collate and publish the results on the website. Unfortunately we can’t afford Peter Snow or a big wheely type swingometer thingy