DF Racing AGM 2017

As a Class Association 2016 has been a great year with positive growth in both the DF65 and DF95 classes, plenty of fun and competitive events around the country and some of the best racing. After several years of having a mend and make do approach to the Class Association we have, in 2016, got a team of people together who are keen and enthusiastic about taking the DF Racing Classes forward into the future.

With this in mind we need to have an AGM to make sure things get sorted and put in place in a proper manner, to this end as a registered DF class owner you’ll find an email in your inbox letting you know how it will work. It does require a little input from you as an individual, but not a lot and we’d be really pleased if you voted for the future of the Association.

If you haven’t had the email please use the contact form on the AGM page to let us know and we’ll update your details accordingly.