Washing Machines and Shooting Stuff

Sooooo we are at the end of day three and we are up to race 11B which is slow but steady progress.

Yesterday ended early due to a lack of breeze which meant it was early to the bar which caused some of team GBR a bit of an issue. As Ron manager had been repairing boats all day the good people were repaying his kindness with beer. This was fine until he hit the wall during last nights darts competition. Bless him!

The racing started this morning and the conditions looked challenging but manageable for the race team and the competitors.

There was a good bobble on the water which resembled putting your boat in a washing machine and tested your light wind tacking skills as well as your ability to overstand the weather mark just enough to allow for the bobble but not so much that you had skippers trying to squeeze in on port.

The racing hit its rhythm and we racked up a couple of rounds before the course needed a rethink. Once sorted we carried on and got through another couple before the wind “crapped out” on us at around 1430 during race 11B.

AP flag up and we had an hour of useful skipper led discussion about how to get an ICA off the ground and running. AP flag down, plug pulled on the day as the wind had died to absolutely nothing at all.

Team GBR took a walk across to the Bass Pro ship and had a shooting gallery competition where we found out Wayne is really quite a good shot. Good to know if ever we need anyone knocking off.

There should be more wind tomorrow but there certainly won’t be any less!