At Last

So Day four of the DF95GC and at last we had some decent breeze which didn’t change direction or drop out all day. This gave us a great opportunity to get some proper racing in and rack up some points on the board.

B rigs all day which meant fast and fun racing for most. Winners and losers for the day were Mark Dicks who gained ten spots on the board by sailing some really consistent races. Loser of the day was Snackers who lost ten places on the board and even managed a DFL in C fleet. He drank some Tequila and felt much better about the job.

Tush still leads the racing with team GBR showing well in the top ten with Derek, Mark and Peter Baldwin all sailing really well.

Day five today and it looks like a breezy day, maybe we’ll see C rigs out on the water. It’s a long week of racing that’s for sure!