So who will take the title……

Well with just a couple of days to go before the Fleetwood DF Racing TT event it’s probably time to take a look at who could do what at the top of the table.

Top three, but which order?

Essentially Tushy boxed the series off some time ago and counting 8 wins he cannot be beaten. The battle for second & third spots between Derek & Buzz might be more of a matey push and shove rather than a battle as Derek is on PRO duty this weekend and counting average points he is unlikely to score better than he is doing now. Buzz could have a good weekend and capitalise which would give him the second spot, however he could just as easily have had a rubbish drive up followed by a poor evening in the pub, then the bed might be lumpy and give him a poor night’s sleep which would put him in a bad mood at breakfast leading to an uncompetitive weekend of racing, he might even fall in the pond, who knows!

For me it is fourth, fifth and sixth spots that offer the most exciting prospect for position changes. John B, Peter and Ken are within spitting distance of each other which means there could be some gains to be made by either skipper, Ken is on mighty form with the DF65, John B shows well with the DF95 and Peter is the thinking man’s skipper and shows well with both boats, it’s anyone’s fourth spot.

Behind them in seventh and eighth it’s Nigel & Tim. Nigel will hope for some bad luck ahead of him but with 17 points to Ken ahead of him he really does need major disaster to occur. Tim won’t better his score as he isn’t competing and Wayne is too far adrift in ninth spot to mount any real challenge.

And so further down the table the scenarios are waiting to be played out, the weather could also play it’s part, will Derek be able to use the whole length of the lake, possibly not. Lots of exciting stuff to look forward to, including the usual sensible socials and also the end of season prize giving after Sunday’s racing.

Good luck everyone!

For an up to date entry list for both days please check out the event page.