This is Not a Drill…..

Morning Folks, and a very good morning it is too. Not only has the sun shone all weekend but we’ve got big news!

DF95’s at Fleetwood back in 2019 – Photo – Sue Brown

Last year, due to the old ‘Rona, we didn’t manage more than one of our TT events and neither of our two National Championships. None of this was anyone’s fault, it was pure circumstance but it did lead to a rather miserable year. I even took to packing the van at one point, just for something to do and it’s entirely possible that some of the gear is still in there!

Anyhow, I digress….the big news I hear you ask, what is it? Well, with Boris telling us that we’ll be able to meet up for hugs and beers after the 21st June (all being well) and with most of us having been stabbed in the arm by then the guys up at Fleetwood MYPBC are so confident that the 2021 DF95 Nationals will be able to go ahead that they have sorted out an NoR and opened the entry for the event. Whilst we are all rather pleased that there is now something to look forward to please take time to read the NoR as there is a possibility of limited entry numbers and even cancellation. Hopefully neither of these things will be required and it will be a fuss free event at the prestigious Lancashire club.

MYA President and Fleetwood member Derek Priestley is looking forward to welcoming you to the event which runs over four days from 23 – 26 September. ” Here at Fleetwood MYPBC we are excited to be able to open the entry for the 2021 DF95 Nationals which we couldn’t hold last year. We are looking forward to a bumper entry of skippers from the UK and beyond and we are as confident as we can be that the event will run as it should do without restrictions. I have organised the wind to be straight down the lake, we’ll have blue skies and champagne sailing conditions” Derek said when I spoke with him last week.

So how do you get involved? Well the online entry is open on the MYA website and we’ve sorted out a page on this website to keep you up to date with the entries as they come in as well as any other information that we think you might need.

Click here to take a look at the event page.