Events, Get Your Events Here!

DF65 Nationals @ Eastbourne a few years back

Morning, lots going on in my world currently so I’ve missed a couple of event announcements, The NoR for the Keighley TT event in a couple of weeks has been posted, lots of entries already but still plenty of space for those wanting to go.

There are still places available for the DF95 Nationals, entry is now open to all comers.

The NoR for the DF65 Nationals at Eastbourne has been published and entries are coming in nicely.

Click here to take a look at the details for these events.

We’ve also had a smoke signal from Fleetwood about the 2023 DF95 Global Regatta and we are pleased to announce the publication of the provisional NoR for this event. Plenty of detail on the how, where, what and when of the event. Click here to take a look at the NoR